40 Commits (v1.0)

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  Evgeny L 90c3e84488 Add a site update guide 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 5c84aec587 Initial implementation of Troubleshooting Guide 1 year ago
  Dimitrios Markou 2b1095e1bd Create documentation for airsloop site 1 year ago
  kranthikirang d3aaa5bed7 tenant-ceph doc update 1 year ago
  Evgeny L a229e25980 Fix paths to shipyard and promenade directories 1 year ago
  Evgeny L ffde6bcbd5 Update links in the docs to refer to opendev 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 41631c390a Update docs, clarify the requirements on DNS names registration 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 2302e53258 Uploading the manifests requires an absolute path to collected dir 1 year ago
  Evgeny L a29d85253c Update docs to include generated certs into collected dir 1 year ago
  kranthikirang c8450b0524 Fix install 4.15.0-34-generic 1 year ago
  Drew Walters ac91f0cf96 airskiff: Use Minikube for Kubernetes deployment 2 years ago
  Drew Walters 4a41d06c61 airskiff: Pull rather than build Airship images 1 year ago
  Evgeny 0aac1554cc Update docs to clarify certificates requirements 1 year ago
  Evgeny L ba1dd3681a Update documentation on Ceph partitioning 1 year ago
  Evgeny L b426a335b7 Update kernel version in the doc 1 year ago
  Evgeny L f2c0f4c855 Update docs, simplify kernel installation on genesis 1 year ago
  Evgeny L 58035fb2ca Update docs, execute deploy_site.sh when in shipyard directory 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 4b842a99f9 Update docs to use "repo" subcommand when linting the repository 2 years ago
  melissaml 62c928e169 [Trivial Fix] Correct spelling error of "cloud" 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 4505f0739f Update docs, ensure that env variables passed when running under sudo 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 358ccd7e8d Update docs, removed v4.0 from paths to globals 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 0a04f408d5 Update the docs to use `-r` instead of `-p` flags for pegleg 2 years ago
  Evgeny L c34ca175ee Elaborate on secrets update in the docs 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 512d3abfcc Update doc with information about disks configuration 2 years ago
  Evgeny L f165c40c44 Update doc to refer to $NEW_SITE site instead of airship-seaworthy 2 years ago
  Evgeny L 8b5387e1b8 Fix a link to OSH bugtracker in the docs 2 years ago
  Dimitrios Markou 096b3c374e Include Docker in the initial setup step 2 years ago
  zhouxinyong 84717befeb Modify mutiple world in authoring_and_deployment.rst 2 years ago
  zhouxinyong 1c146b47cd Fix mutiple world in authoring_and_deployment.rst 2 years ago
  Drew Walters ba0d16dc52 site: Add Airskiff site 2 years ago
  Kaspars Skels 7167530d99 Update Airship Seaworthy HW description 2 years ago
  Kaspars Skels a59cdf91f8 Docs for Airship Seaworthy 2 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov d31ada7cdd Docs fix: file package has been added to sstream-cache image 2 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 6ca369f277 Set up publishing of docs 2 years ago