8 Commits (v1.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Evgeny L 40915a8cfc Fix chart repo urls from openstack to opendev 2 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 23b8e13c5b Add cache for results of requests to quay.io in Updater tool 2 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 78bb5d6801 New option --skip (charts, images) 3 years ago
  Felipe Monteiro 5a93c30c85 fix: Stop adding unwanted newlines in multiline strings 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 0cf96f8b55 New option --out-file, various fixes in logic 3 years ago
  Kaspars Skels f9afea172d Change image update logic to latest in quay.io 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov 3efa98a31b versions.yaml updater tool: verify that images & tags do exist 3 years ago
  Roman Gorshunov b5ccec8d25 versions.yaml updater tool 3 years ago