Reference Airship manifests, CICD, and reference architecture.
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Zuul f83fdb6e9f Merge "Revert "Upgrade k8s from v1.17.3 to v1.18.6"" 4 months ago
deployment Merge "Revert "Upgrade k8s from v1.17.3 to v1.18.6"" 4 months ago
files Fixes related to recent version uplifts 2 years ago
fixes Revert "Upgrade k8s from v1.17.3 to v1.18.6" 4 months ago
gate (fix) Add task to install pip3 7 months ago
upgrades/postgresql Incorporate HA PostgreSQL 1 year ago
airship Fix pyyaml load call error 11 months ago
openstack Add Airship-in-a-Bottle site manifests and scripts 1 year ago
openstack-user-add Integrate support for MAAS HA and VIPs 1 year ago Uplift all charts/images and fixes 1 year ago Standardize Treasuremap code with YAPF 1 year ago clean-up script for ceph-disks and data 1 year ago