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# Drydock BaremetalNode resources for a specific rack are stored in this file.
# NOTE: For new sites, you should complete the networks/physical/networks.yaml
# file before working on this file.
# In this file, you should make the number of `drydock/BaremetalNode/v1`
# resources equal the number of bare metal nodes you have, either by deleting
# excess BaremetalNode definitions (if there are too many), or by copying and
# pasting the last BaremetalNode in the file until you have the correct number
# of baremetal nodes (if there are too few).
# Then in each file, address all additional NEWSITE-CHANGEME markers to update
# the data in these files with the right values for your new site.
# *NOTE: The Genesis node is counted as one of the control plane nodes. Note
# that the Genesis node does not appear on this bare metal list, because the
# procedure to reprovision the Genesis host with MaaS has not yet been
# implemented. Therefore there will be only three bare metal nodes in this file
# with the 'masters' tag, as the genesis roles are assigned in a difference
# place (profiles/genesis.yaml).
# NOTE: The host profiles for the control plane are further divided into two
# variants: primary and secondary. The only significance this has is that the
# "primary" nodes are active Ceph nodes, whereas the "secondary" nodes are Ceph
# standby nodes. For Ceph quorum, this means that the control plane split will
# be 3 primary + 1 standby host profile, and the Genesis node counts toward one
# of the 3 primary profiles. Other control plane services are not affected by
# primary vs secondary designation.
# TODO: Include the hostname naming convention
schema: 'drydock/BaremetalNode/v1'
schema: 'metadata/Document/v1'
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: The next node's hostname
name: airsloop-compute-1
abstract: false
layer: site
storagePolicy: cleartext
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: The next node's IPv4 addressing
- network: oob
- network: pxe
- network: oam
- network: calico
- network: storage
- network: overlay
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: The next node's host profile
# This is the third "primary" control plane profile after genesis
host_profile: compute_r720xd
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: The next node's rack designation
rack: cab22
# NEWSITE-CHANGEME: The next node's role desigatnion
- 'workers'