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schema: 'drydock/HardwareProfile/v1'
schema: 'metadata/Document/v1'
name: dell_r720xd
abstract: false
layer: site
storagePolicy: cleartext
# Vendor of the server chassis
vendor: DELL
# Generation of the chassis model
generation: '8'
# Version of the chassis model within its generation - not version of the hardware definition
hw_version: '3'
# The certified version of the chassis BIOS
bios_version: '2.2.3'
# Mode of the default boot of hardware - bios, uefi
boot_mode: bios
# Protocol of boot of the hardware - pxe, usb, hdd
bootstrap_protocol: pxe
# Which interface to use for network booting within the OOB manager, not OS device
pxe_interface: 0
# Map hardware addresses to aliases/roles to allow a mix of hardware configs
# in a site to result in a consistent configuration
## network
# eno1
address: '0000:01:00.0'
# type could identify expected hardware - used for hardware manifest validation
dev_type: 'I350 Gigabit Network Connection'
bus_type: 'pci'
# enp67s0f0
address: '0000:43:00.0'
dev_type: 'Ethernet 10G 2P X520 Adapter'
bus_type: 'pci'
# enp67s0f1
## storage
# /dev/sda
address: '0:2.0.0'
dev_type: 'PERC H710P'
bus_type: 'scsi'