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# This script should be run as a one-time fix DURING an upgrade of
# "vanilla" postgres to patroni (in either a single or HA multi-replica
# configuration).
# This addresses an issue where the previous version of the chart had a
# service-managed `endpoints` object, while patroni needs to manage its
# own kubernetes `endpoints`. Patroni won't successfully manage
# (i.e. apply annotation to, etc) the postgresql endpoints until the
# service-managed endpoints are out of the way; however deletion of the
# postgresql endpoints must be done with care during an upgrade.
# This script watches for the right moment and deletes the endpoints.
export KUBECONFIG=${KUBECONFIG:-"/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf"}
while true; do
echo "Checking to see if patroni is deployed..."
# Wait for the patroni-based chart to get deployed
if [ $(kubectl describe pod -n ucp postgresql-0 | grep -c "patroni") -gt 0 ]; then
echo 'Detected that patroni is deployed'
# The port name used by the single-node postgres chart is "db",
# while the new port name is "postgres"
FIRST_PORT_NAME=$(kubectl get -n ucp endpoints postgresql -o jsonpath='{.subsets[0].ports[0].name}')
if [ "x${FIRST_PORT_NAME}" == "xdb" ]; then
echo "matched the old endpoints: deleting old postgresql endpoints"
kubectl delete endpoints -n ucp postgresql
echo "done."
exit 0
sleep 5