Reference Airship manifests, CICD, and reference architecture.
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kind: Kustomization
namespace: rook-ceph
- ceph-conf.yaml
- cephcluster.yaml
- rook-ceph-tools.yaml
# Below is the functions section. You are free to comment out or in oppsite to remove comments
# enabling or disabling any function in the list.
# All functions are independent, and can be deployed simultaneously at any moment.
- ../../function/rook-cluster/pools
- ../../function/rook-cluster/cephfs
- ../../function/rook-cluster/dashboard/http
- ../../function/rook-cluster/storageclasses
- target:
kind: CephCluster
name: ceph
patch: |-
- op: replace
path: /spec/dashboard/enabled
value: true
- op: replace
path: /spec/dashboard/ssl
value: true
# If you enabling ssl for the dashboard, do not forget
# to enable the patch below
- target:
kind: Service
name: rook-ceph-mgr-dashboard
patch: |-
- op: replace
path: "/spec/ports"
- name: dashboard
port: 8443
protocol: TCP
targetPort: 8443