Reference Airship manifests, CICD, and reference architecture.
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schema: pegleg/Script/v1
schema: metadata/Document/v1
name: hanging-cgroup-release
storagePolicy: cleartext
abstract: false
layer: global
data: |-
set -ex
cgroup_count() {
echo "Current cgroup count: $(find /sys/fs/cgroup/*/system.slice -name tasks | wc -l)"
echo "$(cgroup_count)"
echo # Stop systemd mount unit that isn't actually mounted
echo "Stopping Kubernetes systemd mount units that are not mounted to the system."
systemctl list-units --state=running| \
sed -rn '/Kubernetes.transient.mount/s,(run-\S+).+(/var/lib/kubelet/pods/.+),\1 \2,p' | \
xargs -r -l1 sh -c 'test -d $2 || echo $1' -- | \
xargs -r -tl1 systemctl stop |& wc -l
echo "$(cgroup_count)"