Reference Airship manifests, CICD, and reference architecture.
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schema: pegleg/Script/v1
schema: metadata/Document/v1
name: rbd-roomba-scanner
storagePolicy: cleartext
abstract: false
layer: global
data: |-
set -ex
# don't put it in /tmp where it can be p0wned (???)
lsblk | awk '/^rbd/ {if($7==""){print $0}}' | awk '{ printf "/dev/%s\n",$1 }' > /var/run/rbd_list
# wait a while, so we don't catch rbd devices the kubelet is working on mounting
sleep 60
# finally, examine rbd devices again and if any were seen previously (60s ago) we will
# forcefully unmount them if they have no fs mounts
for rbd in `lsblk | awk '/^rbd/ {if($7==""){print $0}}' | awk '{ printf "/dev/%s\n",$1 }'`; do
if grep -q $rbd /var/run/rbd_list; then
echo "[${DATE}] Unmapping stale RBD $rbd"
/usr/bin/rbd unmap -o force $rbd
# NOTE(supamatt): rbd unmap -o force will only succeed if there are NO pending I/O
echo "[${DATE}] Skipping RBD $rbd as it hasn't been stale for at least 60 seconds"
rm -rf /var/run/rbd_list