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  Matt McEuen 47bfe47c1c Deprecate airship/utils 5 days ago
  Andrey Volkov 96fb4e1aba Add tests target 8 months ago
  Andrey Volkov f3b55fe64d Add hadolint 8 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 55d34437ad Add shellcheck 8 months ago
  Andrey Volkov b80214540c Alternative cmd for nginx only 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov b573730642 Link to package file as a build arg 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 1cf350e597 Release, components and repos as build args 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov fe54727339 Vagrantfile for testing 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 0f0bcb7fd3 Update readme 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 763fec9ddd Allow to provide external GPG key for image build 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 03c7583721 Build arg for GPG key generation 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 0d119b55b1 MODE as docker build arg 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 5f2940f575 Nginx blacklist 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov 141e3b0b26 Add batch for making signature 9 months ago
  Andrey Volkov d1689ae911 Save ubuntu packages inside image 9 months ago
  Artem Smirnov ffa6f74f32 Fix error w 'control.tar.gz' on 0.9.6 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov ac1f27ff09 Merge branch 'opt_gpg' 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 46dda7b9bd Add author 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 4606823714 GPG key must be in volume 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 0deaa906ea
Fix: Grammar correction 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 9ddfb9475f
Fix markdown hyperlinks 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 404f971dd1
Resolved the bugs 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov b239fc0a76 Add fixed deb-packages version 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 9b564778a9 Little fix after merge 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov def38a2ddc Merge remote-tracking branch 'jonazpiazu/master' into fix_gpg 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov b9da8469b7 Change license location in readme file 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 526d7711f6 Fix: replace order of license and interpretator string 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov a5cbbb8a11 Change repos for mirrors 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov d7893e82aa Remove OS variables 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 25cbeced9a Replace #! /bin/bash to #! /usr/bin/env bash 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 6dc4ee28ab Add both scripts for update mirrors 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov ebded71239 Update readme 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov dcabd1ccc0 Remove unused files 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 53df87670a Remove double version of Dockerfile & backup code 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 4e86e0803a Fix: Aptly repo was changed 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov 6e3a83fb3a Fix: Change PGP key 10 months ago
  Artem Smirnov f555af8838 Add Artem Smirnov to license 10 months ago
  Jon Azpiazu 480ac06686 Increase gpg key security 1 year ago
  Jon Azpiazu 89f0e23792 Fixes for gpg key generation and nginx configuration 1 year ago
  Bryan J. Hong 1f89727cea Merge pull request #2 from bryanhong/debian_option 2 years ago
  Bryan Hong d489f8c8ab remove suffix var 2 years ago
  Bryan Hong 19cc1765c7 added option to build debian-based aptly 2 years ago
  Bryan 452daae8b8 create public directory 2 years ago
  Bryan 444b341485 add contributor credit, publicize repo signing key 2 years ago
  Jan Čapek 5201df3750 run.sh: quote host name as it allows specifying multiple site aliases 2 years ago
  Jan Čapek a809194ccc nginx conf: Increase hash bucket size to allow multiple server names 2 years ago
  Bryan J. Hong e3fcb2ad14 note about debian 2 years ago
  Bryan Hong f2e3ac91dd clean things up to make it easier to switch to a different release 2 years ago
  Bryan Hong 58f1859003 updated aptly key signing fingerprint, path to bash completion 2 years ago
  Bryan 475bd0ea5b README appropriate for github and dockerhub 3 years ago