Juju Charm - Cinder backup swift proxy

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Juju Charm - Manila-Ganesha Backend

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StarlingX OIDC Authentication App

업데이트됨 2 일 전

Redfish CLI client built on top of sushy library to talk to Redfish BMC from command line. Mostly intended for developers and testers.

업데이트됨 4 일 전

TripleO Operator Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks that can be used to automate TripleO OpenStack deployments.

업데이트됨 5 일 전

A Zuul authorization helper for Google Cloud

업데이트됨 6 일 전

Reusable Ansible roles for use in Airship Zuul jobs

업데이트됨 6 일 전

Juju Charm - Watcher

업데이트됨 1 주 전

Helm charts for Zuul

업데이트됨 2 주 전

Juju Charm - Watcher Dashboard

업데이트됨 3 주 전

Charm Interface - Keystone Notifications

업데이트됨 3 주 전

General repository for the Multi-Arch SIG

업데이트됨 4 주 전

OVN Octavia provider driver.

업데이트됨 1 개월 전

The place to propose OpenStack-wide ideas for change

업데이트됨 1 개월 전

A go client library for the Redfish API

업데이트됨 1 개월 전

Neutron-Neutron Interconnection service

업데이트됨 2 달 전

An extension to sushy package supporting Redfish features that are specific to Dell EMC BMC (which is known under the name of iDRAC).

업데이트됨 2 달 전

Charm Interface - Cinder Backup

업데이트됨 2 달 전

Ansible plugin with remote container support

업데이트됨 2 달 전

Pod sequencing functionality for Kubernetes

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