Airship documentation

Updated 6 hours ago

Juju Charm - Octavia Diskimage Retrofit

Updated 12 hours ago

A CLI for managing declarative infrastructure.

Updated 1 day ago

Airship election documentation

Updated 21 hours ago

StarlingX Ansible Playbooks

Updated 3 days ago

Identity Resource Brokering Service

Updated 1 month ago

Juju Charm - Keystone SAML Mellon

Updated 3 days ago

Charm Interface - Web SSO FID Service Provider

Updated 1 month ago

Charm Interface - Keystone FID Service Provider

Updated 1 month ago

Acceleration Management(cyborg) Functional Tests

Updated 1 month ago

Excel data extraction plugin for Spyglass

Updated 4 days ago

StarlingX Election documentation and tools

Updated 3 days ago

ML2 driver for OmniPath Switch.

Updated 2 days ago

Ansible role to deploy & manage Docker registry

Updated 2 months ago

Airship governance documentation

Updated 2 weeks ago

A simple tool for running testtools tests

Updated 2 months ago

Clone and switch between git repos

Updated 2 months ago website

Updated 1 month ago

Ansible role to manage Wireguard tunnels

Updated 2 months ago

Juju Charm - Pacemaker Remote

Updated 3 weeks ago