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Eric Ball ca4ffdbb35
Fix!: Remove support for EOL python versions 8 months ago
Thanh Ha 0ee4851331
Update IRC network to OFTC 2 years ago
Thanh Ha 197226c538
Fix links causing redirects 3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 55d54f69bc Update homepage 3 years ago
Thomas Bechtold c56e325217 Fix repository location in README.rst 3 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea 4953756c27
adopt pre-commit hooks 4 years ago
Ken Dreyer fae9868905 README: add mailing list and IRC details 5 years ago
Darragh Bailey e165b78546 Add comment about proxy env pass through 6 years ago
Terry Howe aa41127ef7 Change documentation to install from pypi 7 years ago
Darragh Bailey a6d021ab4f Update Urls for redirects and broken 7 years ago
Khai Do e52bb31fa1 Document that jjb supports json job definitions 7 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 892a4de53b Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infra 8 years ago
Darragh Bailey 302255ac60 Check external documentation links are valid 8 years ago
Darragh Bailey 89f266d9a2 Fix formatting for inclusion of README.rst 8 years ago
Khai Do 0b2db405e4 Update and clean up docs 8 years ago
Khai Do 104244b833 update jjb info for clarity 8 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 7e941d599b Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 8 years ago
Michael Krotscheck ca19ad9beb Switched documentation to point to storyboard. 8 years ago
Marc Abramowitz 3beff4d255 README.rst: Note GitHub PRs are auto-closed 9 years ago
Marc Abramowitz 288938ab72 README.rst: Add links 9 years ago
Marc Abramowitz 266f1ed054 README.rst: Remove space before bullets 9 years ago
Jeremy Stanley e3a72b3034 Update README for project move. 10 years ago
Paul Belanger 329633da6d Convert our README to ReStructuredText 10 years ago
James E. Blair 1c6c180945 Add some style developer docs. 10 years ago
Jon-Paul Sullivan 5eab9b4899 Correct pip package for Jenkins in 10 years ago
Antoine Musso c82bf22f79 basic README for the newcomers 10 years ago