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Anil Belur 20f561c55d
Add update option to the JJB config sample 4 years ago
Thanh Ha b093fee501
Add convenience function for plugin namespace 6 years ago
Nicolas Glayre 8855eb2523 Stash publisher's credentials configuration 7 years ago
Darragh Bailey f68831bd2e Only query jenkins plugins if config provided 8 years ago
Darragh Bailey c5c0eb4f16 Support excludes when recursively processing paths 8 years ago
Darragh Bailey 38c977ceff Error on duplicate job names being found 8 years ago
Yolanda Robla 0b6b095dc0 Enable hipchat section into sample file 8 years ago
David Caro a70126cd94 Added recursive option 8 years ago
Darragh Bailey 3e3996d32a Use yaml local tags to support including files 9 years ago
David Caro 4206928c1d Added config options to not overwrite jobs desc 9 years ago
Yolanda Robla b123c13e99 Enable ignore_cache flag on jenkins_jobs.ini 9 years ago
Paul Belanger e81b5a5646 Add sample jenkins_jobs.ini configuration file 10 years ago