134 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thanh Ha 02e85408f0
Fix default '0' being ignored 5 months ago
  Daniel Belenky 3806c9c3d7 Handle cancel-builds-on-update values from vars 6 months ago
  Sorin Sbarnea 4953756c27
adopt pre-commit hooks 11 months ago
  Sorin Sbarnea c2781e670f
Normalize newlines at end of file 10 months ago
  Sorin Sbarnea 14011df16e
Symlink folders001.xml to deduplicate the test xml 10 months ago
  Tomas Hartmann ff2d631d1a Add trigger-from-child-projects option. 11 months ago
  Anushka Bhandari 741ce73fa6 add pipeline template using nested stage command 1 year ago
  Martin Kopec 1b7555309f Fix default value regex pattern 1 year ago
  Thanh Ha 90663ea8a6
Document use of | character for variable defaults 1 year ago
  Darragh Bailey 13df88774a Add helper tag to join arbitrary lists into strings 3 years ago
  Andrew Mellen 9d540666b2 Added code for lightweight-checkout 1 year ago
  Marco Nenciarini ca5d12627f Fix duplicated actions field in XML for folders 1 year ago
  Daniel Watkins aa74f8d67c Add support for {% include %} in Jinja2 templates 1 year ago
  Daniel Watkins ac7bcb5337 Always deep format Jinja2 templates 1 year ago
  Daniel Watkins d6c8111f66 Add !j2 directive to allow inline Jinja2 templates 1 year ago
  Sorin Sbarnea ea324d31d2 gerrit-trigger: avoid exception spamming logs 1 year ago
  Tomas Janousek cd651c4b80 hipchat_notif: Fix compatibility dispatch 1 year ago
  Jan Hruban 30fe5dae98 Fix the formatter regex 1 year ago
  Jan Hruban 28cab53d5d Allow template-name in the global defaults 2 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold ecf3933dc2 Fix timeout wrapper version detection 2 years ago
  Jerome Hourquebie 8bcd0d0bd2
Add cloudbees folder creation support 4 years ago
  Darragh Bailey af9d984baa
Basic folder support 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey d62fcc8ca4 Switch param order from yaml conf to plugin specific 1 year ago
  Daniel Watkins b95f194612 Add !include-jinja2 for rendering templates with Jinja2 1 year ago
  Antoine Musso 20cf8d5e70 project matrix: rename variable/refactor 3 years ago
  Aleksandr Charykov 50fd0d2833 Fix !include parsing with variable 2 years ago
  Sandro Gattuso 12c2ca3396 Wrapper pre-scm-buildstep: added support for failOnError parameter 2 years ago
  Yann Voté 2fc361949c Add Pipeline job type and deprecate Workflow 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 0f0f681069 Output additional info when exceptions occur 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 146d285eb9 Support default string values for variables 4 years ago
  Dong Ma 05e92d417b
Update mailer plugin 2 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 64537f5125 Improve logger output for expanding templates 2 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 4573b3a25d Refactor base test classes inheritance for reuse 2 years ago
  Liu Changcheng c588b842e8 add post-send script option 2 years ago
  Liu Changcheng 457b79fcfe add compress-log option to compress log 2 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 64f9af07f3 Support lazy resolving of include yaml tags 5 years ago
  Jeff Grafton cdfeb7bf66 Update Git SCM so that extensions are configured correctly. 3 years ago
  David Caro d4fa9d7b23 Added possibility to exclude project combinations 4 years ago
  Reinhard Tartler 440acd0fa1 Add support for disable-strict-forbidden-file-verification 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 3e8c31fe94 Take parameter order from yaml in trigger_parameterized_builds 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey a54e623dc7 Document template variable default values 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 398e28b3c3 Allow id's for different templates to follow same naming 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 8805a34c0f Reorder imports to match hacking guidelines 4 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 0cafeba626 Order component retrieval to favour user defined 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 9504ef661e Standardize builders docstrings and remove '\' 3 years ago
  David Caro 9477275592 Added support for the workflow job type 3 years ago
  James E. Blair 7ef05f7373 Add template-name as a variable that can be used in a template 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 9bfbffa559 Capture logs with FakeLogging Fixture 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 3d728c71a8 Separate out custom yaml tags into separate classes 4 years ago
  Daniel Danner aeeaf71784 Add support for GroovyAxis 3 years ago