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  Darragh Bailey 0f0f681069 Output additional info when exceptions occur 3 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 64537f5125 Improve logger output for expanding templates 2 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 4573b3a25d Refactor base test classes inheritance for reuse 2 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 8805a34c0f Reorder imports to match hacking guidelines 4 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 9bfbffa559 Capture logs with FakeLogging Fixture 3 years ago
  Lukas Bednar 34ea32ba80 scms: MultiSCM is generated for scms hidden in macro 5 years ago
  Darragh Bailey 07c5bd1cc3 Test creation of multiple jobs from templates 5 years ago
  David Caro 4206928c1d Added config options to not overwrite jobs desc 5 years ago
  Darragh Bailey b6784fcf6d Add tests for YamlParser and patch 2.6 minidom 5 years ago