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Vsevolod Fedorov af9e03ec08 Rewrite YAML parser
Rewrite YAML parser, YAML objects and parameters expansion logic to
enable better control over expansion logic.
Broken backward compatilibity:
* More agressive parameter expansion. This may lead to parameters
  expanded in places where they were not expanded before.
* Top-level elements, which is not known to parser (such as 'job',
  'view', 'project' etc), are now lead to parse failures.
  Prepend them with underscore to be ignored by parser.
* Files included using '!include-raw:' elements and having formatting in
  it's path ('lazy-loaded' in previous implementation) are now expanded
  Use '!include-raw-escape:' for them instead.
  See changes in these tests for examples:
* Parameters with template value using itself were substituted as is.
  For example: "timer: '{timer}'" was expanded to "{timer}". Now it
  leads to recursive parameter error.
  See changes in this test for example:
* When job group includes a job which was never declared, it was just
  ignored. Now it fails: job is missing.
  See changes in this test for example:

Change-Id: Ief4e515f065a1b9e0f74fe06d7e94fa77d69f273
3 months ago
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