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Sorin Sbarnea 9f143f1241 Replace testr with stestr
Switch to use stestr which is maintained as opposed
to testrepository (testr) which became a defunct project.

Change-Id: If53c985b6cf3b4122596f09ec4d0ec4a186688b8
2018-04-04 23:25:21 +01:00
Sorin Sbarnea 2d8a213729 repair .gitgnore
- remove duplicate /MANIFEST entry
- sorted list to avoid future confusions
- added generated AUTHORS and ChangeLog

Change-Id: I64cce1ac001e62aed5704a746a9fa76f314ba565
Signed-off-by: Sorin Sbarnea <>
2018-02-28 10:20:01 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger 1b08573a94 Use standard cover setup
Replace coverage testing with the normal way coverage is tested in

Change-Id: Ic171e33a876029727b473481e56fdd94fce5ec6e
2016-12-20 22:17:24 +01:00
Marc Abramowitz 129fd8ca3c Use pbr, pep8 checks & fixes, add "doc" tox target
Change-Id: I1f01e4e5407a8216c7c867c143d15db2037e16d6
2014-07-02 14:12:31 -07:00
Marc Abramowitz d5f09282ea Add .gitignore
Change-Id: Ie4cea2e50212d8eb5ba84c2a398f3f9cf6521250
2014-05-02 16:16:59 -07:00
Antoine Musso 5269924155 Wrap tests and linting with tox
Use tox configuration to expose linting and unit testing. Will let us
integrate them with OpenStack continuous integration infrastructure.

* updates .gitignore following the migration from bzr
* get rid of the old Makefile in favor of tox
* remove .pep8 file (that is now a [flake8] section in tox.ini)
* fix a few trivial pep8 errors (comments must start with '# ' and
  modulo operator needs surrounding spaces) but ignore 'line too long
  (E501)' for now.
* write module requirements in /test-requirements.txt. Discover is
  needed for python 2.6.
* change the test command that cames from the Makefile so it works with
  python 2.6

Change-Id: If58730d84315c0ea018a3757624d98bf2e1aeb3f
2014-04-30 22:37:19 +02:00