115 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  OpenDev Sysadmins fe977bd480 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Logan V 3886dbc40d Fix disk cachemodes config error 1 month ago
  Logan V bf7ea0c9bf Use Ceph mimic release 2 months ago
  Logan V ba1b0c15c7 Use openstack service setup host for net bootstrap 2 months ago
  Zuul 4ecb46edcf Merge "Use utility container for service bootstrapping" 2 months ago
  Logan V e8889868e9 Use utility container for service bootstrapping 2 months ago
  Logan V 833fcce4a1 Update OSA secrets for Rocky 2 months ago
  Logan V 8ace4d260e Bump OSA to stable/rocky 2 months ago
  Logan V 5344f28cc4 Fix ARA setup 2 months ago
  Zuul de4f53847d Merge "Move SSH pubkey to static path" 2 months ago
  Logan V b1f434c747 Update ARA variable 2 months ago
  Logan V 912b094835 Move SSH pubkey to static path 2 months ago
  Logan V 5a0cd7db1d Fix Zuul playbook paths 2 months ago
  Logan V eea1454a7c Install openstacksdk instead of shade 2 months ago
  Logan V ebcf21e0a4 Move zuul out of dotfiles 2 months ago
  Logan V f255179699 Update pending upstream workarounds 2 months ago
  Logan V c742cb182a Whitelist the infra hosts 2 months ago
  Logan V 3ec7258163 Further ELK dynamic inventory cleanup 2 months ago
  Logan V b4509a79d4 Remove ELK from dynamic inventory layout 2 months ago
  Logan V d90d17933d Remove env.d overrides for Queens 2 months ago
  Logan V 0cec8f1551 Remove vendored os_router ansible module 2 months ago
  Logan V 9493f4f845 Update to OSA stable/queens 2 months ago
  Logan V 7c3b2745b4 Temporarily disable ELK deployment 2 months ago
  Logan V 4623084f1c Bump OSA to stable/pike HEAD as of 2019/03/04 2 months ago
  Logan V 5a0b86b855 Use cache mode 'writeback' for instances 7 months ago
  Logan V 4e5bb02f6e Use host-passthrough for nova cpu mode 8 months ago
  Logan V 96dcf66994 Add LSN-D6107 and LSN-D6243 compute hosts 8 months ago
  Logan V 4070a4acf4 Install and run ARA in OSA venv 8 months ago
  Logan V 6aabc3da95 Remove in-repo ARA implementation 8 months ago
  Zuul d5df53b288 Merge "Add additional hypervisor LSN-D5640" 8 months ago
  Logan V feb72d2093 Add additional hypervisor LSN-D5640 8 months ago
  Logan V fd834e2670 Bump OSA to fix haproxy endpoint bug 8 months ago
  Logan V e957a7dc2f Bump OSA pin 8 months ago
  Logan V a67c9fca97 Revert "Only run setup hosts for now" 8 months ago
  Logan V e6566fc1ac Revert "Only run openstack-hosts-setup for test" 8 months ago
  Logan V 4630448aa3 Revert "Debug the gate job exit tasks" 8 months ago
  Logan V 41d258b356 Pin ara to compatible version 8 months ago
  Logan V 9f1aca9905 Set true as string 8 months ago
  Logan V 9bd63f360d Upload the logs folder to the executor 8 months ago
  Logan V cd9fd66748 Debug the gate job exit tasks 8 months ago
  Logan V b3c4917cc0 Only run openstack-hosts-setup for test 8 months ago
  Logan V 8d03ad83ca Collect ARA results 8 months ago
  Logan V 70f44bd55f Install ARA in-repo 8 months ago
  Logan V 36a2e85ba5 Only run setup hosts for now 8 months ago
  Zuul 02285b532a Merge "Increase job timeout to 3 hours" 8 months ago
  Zuul 74006222a0 Merge "Collect logs in post-run" 8 months ago
  Zuul 9af534be0e Merge "Switch the repo URL for the authorized_keys file" 8 months ago
  Logan V 237b1d7cc1 Increase job timeout to 3 hours 8 months ago
  Logan V c2b9466dd0 Collect logs in post-run 8 months ago
  Logan V 14d65507a5 Revert "Run with -vvvvv for debugging" 8 months ago