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  Monty Taylor 7fc585e1ab
Allow overiding the remote hieradata link dest 9 months ago
  Monty Taylor 0a3c32b5ac
Add ability to override mgmt manifest path 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy f0cd27f060 Add parser = future config option to puppet.conf 11 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 4d64868882 Don't hardcode puppet-3-specific config paths 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger edb0e245d5 Expose puppet_timeout variable 2 years ago
  Monty Taylor a3cc1c5c9a
Make sure environment winds up in basemodulepath 2 years ago
  Yolanda Robla 28d495af61 Add extra path for our own puppet modules in environment 3 years ago
  Yolanda Robla 8255eecc9b Fix hiera paths when configuring puppet 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 25cc2c9470 Conditionally manage puppet config files 3 years ago
  Monty Taylor f2a57670a7 Define defaults as defaults, not variables 3 years ago
  Monty Taylor 50173449a6 Add all of the files needed to make this a role 4 years ago