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Zuul 56c1288bc5 Merge "Add a specification for Mailman 3" 2021-11-05 21:08:18 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley 4db9e9f208 Add a specification for Mailman 3
This is intended to cover design, testing, deployment, and migration
for a Mailman 3 based successor to our current Mailman 2 services.

Change-Id: I3eed68b8f0c5e429a8e5ddc5791af20183de3231
Task: #43433
2021-11-03 15:21:04 +00:00
Zuul fa058621e3 Merge "Simplify assignees section of template" 2021-10-20 17:23:40 +00:00
Zuul 6194f983ae Merge "Add backups section to template" 2021-10-20 17:20:55 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley ed919d4d9b Simplify assignees section of template
Specs can have multiple assignees, or none if they're destined for
the Help Wanted section. Get rid of the idea of a "primary" assignee
an just let all interested assignees be listed. Also drop the idea
that we should list Launchpad identifiers, since we don't even use
LP for task tracking anyway. IRC nicks are a more relevant short
form for us, after all.

Change-Id: I40a8d1d6cbcd1bdb506027d956173890c208bf55
2021-10-10 18:31:57 +00:00
Jeremy Stanley d883b36e0d Add backups section to template
Backups are important, and specs should address whether changes to
them will be needed. This also serves as an important reminder to us
that new services aren't truly implemented until they're backed up.

Change-Id: I4080af338b1c0bb8a7cdc1e6d6ead3d76118753c
2021-10-10 18:30:11 +00:00
Clark Boylan cfc6791522 Spec to deploy Prometheus as a Cacti replacement
Our Cacti server is aging and needs to be replaced. Rather than go
through a difficult Cacti upgrade take the opportunity to replace that
system with a modern one that gives us more potential functionality.

Change-Id: Iee197bc0e8e02007d1fb45464bbadb4c283e96e8
2021-10-08 10:29:01 -07:00
James E. Blair ae010afc6f Add Matrix spec
The Zuul project has agreed that it would like to move from OFTC to
a native Matrix room.  OpenDev can help facilitate that by providing
some services that keep our communities together.  This spec is a
description of how we can proceed.

Change-Id: I14233f8a35c470aa126dba2aa64d525fee30ed9a
2021-07-05 15:22:12 -07:00
Jeremy Stanley 2997308270 Central Authentication Service
The beginnings of a specification for a central authentication
single sign-on identity broker service. This attempts to encapsulate
and combine many years of discussions and informal proposals from a
number of OpenDev contributors (listed as Co-Authors since much of
the text is theirs and not mine). The bulk of the plan is still
missing, and analyses of specific software options may now be
somewhat dated, so further updates are warranted.

Change-Id: Icd2a47a142ceba62feb75a15dfd484de87872ad3
Co-Authored-By: Monty Taylor <>
Co-Authored-By: "James E. Blair" <>
Co-Authored-By: Clark Boylan <>
2020-08-18 16:56:47 +00:00
Thierry Carrez 28d1ed64ec POC Xwiki farm at
This spec describes evaluating Xwiki as a potential wiki farm setup
for Opendev communities at, using an initial test
community and initially leveraging "open source free hosting"

Change-Id: Iacc3ad4af69d99ac61ecc51ddaf2c345c3f01f9a
2020-03-27 11:28:10 +01:00
Zuul b61b4370af Merge "Add a spec for meetpad" 2020-03-26 22:35:52 +00:00
Ian Wienand 38d4274d43 Move replacement spec to completed
Change-Id: Iba62d9b22a9d7d4d1e6a6b5887c01a7f003196b4
2020-03-25 10:01:49 +11:00
James E. Blair bb9cf62795 Add a spec for meetpad
A jitsi-meet + etherpad based video conference system.

Change-Id: I30fae3f65aab5c2d1755aa1790148f9444bf004d
2020-03-20 12:40:45 -07:00
Zuul f03b434375 Merge "Add storyboard story for test node cleanup" 2020-03-06 01:03:45 +00:00
Zuul a809aaad00 Merge "Spec to cleanup python dev tools on our test images" 2020-03-06 01:00:59 +00:00
Clark Boylan a6ea64f8aa Add storyboard story for test node cleanup
This was missing in the original spec. Additionally add ianw as
volunteer as most of the changes are pushed up and ready to go now that
we have agreement.

Change-Id: Icfedce70fa6c91a5ebafd94804982a326140e41d
2020-03-05 16:49:14 -08:00
Clark Boylan 5cf38c85fb Add story for website stats spec
Additionally add clarkb as volunteer.

Change-Id: Id8a3e434519263316ca09b66d0a7d5b708e72e6d
2020-03-05 16:47:50 -08:00
Clark Boylan f8c1dd508e Add spec for website activity stats effort
A common request is better insight to how our hosted sites are accessed.
This allows people to find 404s and fix them, invest in popular pages to
ensure they are accurate and up to date, as well as measure if changes
are effective over time.

"Traditional" tools in this space often expose far more user information
than we are comfortable with. Thankfully there exists a GPL tool,
goaccess, that allows us to remove sensitive data from its reports. This
will allow us to publish the data without concern over what is in the

Change-Id: I3e6673def7edcb2f31f9be88e1831f716f6e8c9d
2020-02-24 11:37:31 -08:00
Clark Boylan e6be520789 Spec to cleanup python dev tools on our test images
Our test images are constructed in a particular manner largely driven by
history of python focus in our CI system. This focus is no longer
present and we'd like to make our images a bit more predictable and

This spec outlines the plan for this.

Change-Id: I067b4d2650d3950fc6fa24b3b93d069f66b09dde
2020-02-24 10:20:23 -08:00
Clark Boylan cab1a48a1a Bump blockdiag dep so that we build on newer python3
Older sphinxcontrib-blockdiag fails to build under python3.7. This newer
version should run on old and new python3 so use it.

Change-Id: Ic1150149b9cea867ff56d1dd0e747120103a0f81
2020-02-21 12:43:28 -08:00
Jeremy Stanley c872f8f6a4 Declare victory on StoryBoard
The original plan to migrate all OpenStack projects may have been
overly-ambitious, but more importantly it's a policy decision
outside the Infrastructure team's immediate sphere of control. Most
identified gaps in the intervening years have been addressed, with
some final ones (like attachments) under review nearing completion
or well into a planning stage (like self-service team management).
There will always be new features some teams want, and indefinitely
delaying completion of this spec for such a treadmill is

Update the spec to only cover the original well-established first
phase, and remove the hand-wavy stubs for a second phase where
"everybody agrees to migrate." Also remove the dependency on central
identity management as there is no clear path forward on it
presently. Many teams are already relying on StoryBoard today, and
the handful of developers and maintainers for it hold fairly regular
meetings and can be reached readily with questions, concerns or
suggestions. Further improvement to StoryBoard remains a priority
for them, but it doesn't need to be a priority spec for the
Infrastructure team for that to be the case.

Change-Id: I5092211bfe59646f6db0adae6075b41cb312c6ad
2019-12-03 23:52:01 +00:00
Ian Wienand 257392cb41 Move letsencrypt spec to complete
This is being used in production now, so we can move it to complete.

Change-Id: Idcc6e09633d51c4f45d3c3bce0cb13ec593c5b30
2019-12-04 09:52:33 +11:00
Ian Wienand 1533f03a30 Spec to retire
Change-Id: Ic5557750ee6c52def01c8d362b8d9e7563cc0f8a
2019-10-23 06:09:44 +11:00
Clark Boylan 73f5500b39 Mark opendev-gerrit spec completed
We did the great migration and have cleaned up after ourselves. This is

Change-Id: I35ad3a87d4f2a337aabefccad50e516fa7cea993
2019-06-04 13:30:30 -07:00
Zuul 3e2ad90751 Merge "Update site URL" 2019-05-31 23:33:00 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger e589f986d8 Update site URL
We moved publishing of this repo to, update all links.

Also, remove unused import of autodoc from doc/source/

Change-Id: I156b12d0e49362563cd8c39f30475bafe889c23b
2019-05-30 21:00:18 +02:00
Zuul 6ec1cdc5af Merge "Fix the misspelling of "search"" 2019-05-30 18:48:48 +00:00
Adam Spiers 37e0167f5f Fix reference to StoryBoard project
It's now moved to the opendev namespace.

Change-Id: I9c79282348c8eb5866f4a263236c54b6f71bb591
2019-05-15 16:18:45 +01:00
Sean McGinnis 9c282d47ba
Move from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
The oslosphinx package is no longer supported. Jobs should also be moved
to run with Python 3.

Change-Id: I13aa6e89dc0752157cf9efc66844c5141f3b77ce
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <>
2019-05-15 08:14:34 -05:00
OpenDev Sysadmins bd78438bc5 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:26:02 +00:00
Zuul f9891aaee0 Merge "Replace git:// URLs with https://" 2019-04-08 21:39:47 +00:00
Zuul fe06182c61 Merge "remove the repetition words in docs" 2019-04-08 21:37:48 +00:00
Ian Wienand 66c35af428 Replace git:// URLs with https://
This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: I8923b671771355eb57803e222b58c2d7c8a3ad79
2019-03-24 20:33:50 +00:00
Zuul dcfdfddd6f Merge "letsencrypt spec" 2019-03-01 00:22:00 +00:00
Clark Boylan 925d5d8ec4 Update priority effort Gerrit topics
Add in the two topics being used by the update of configuration
manamgent effort. Also rewrite the url so that it doesn't end in a ) as
sphinx doesn't end up including this in the final url.

Change-Id: I6fbdbbfed92ab4533b05de0ba123ebde5d090118
2019-02-19 14:06:33 -08:00
Ian Wienand bb19892728 letsencrypt spec
A spec for exploring the specifics of letsencrypt support

Change-Id: I5475619f86d623418126d27261ecaf8af311bb9a
2019-02-19 17:26:10 +11:00
lijunjie 55545c8a9d Fix the misspelling of "search"
Change-Id: I0fcab768be8d4aedf91146a68fbf6ba5f864e197
2019-01-17 14:07:13 +08:00
melissaml 4db569d3a6 remove the repetition words in docs
Change-Id: Icfc0a899af6b22b93b855c99b3be628573b52990
2018-12-23 00:25:02 +08:00
Zuul fb6a47e2b2 Merge "Overhaul instructions in README.rst for clarity" 2018-12-22 00:05:42 +00:00
Zuul 78eee66267 Merge "Add opendev Gerrit spec" 2018-12-22 00:02:52 +00:00
Zuul 81b45e5ff9 Merge "Move project-hosting spec to completed" 2018-12-22 00:02:28 +00:00
Zuul a30ae99c58 Merge "remove the dumplicate word" 2018-12-21 18:53:17 +00:00
Zuul e7b1c1e27b Merge "remove the dumplicate words" 2018-12-21 18:53:17 +00:00
Kendall Nelson 91f7f6fea7 StoryBoard Story Attachments
This is blocking a number of projects from migrating to StoryBoard.
In an effort to get more project teams to migrate, this spec plans
the implementation of how we are going to build & handle story

Change-Id: Id7e94d6ac0834452cf2faedab782911386502a0b
Story: 2000679
Task: 26212
2018-12-18 09:15:52 -08:00
James E. Blair 3230076f5f Add opendev Gerrit spec
This describes the process to migrate Gerrit to
and sets it as a priority effort.

Change-Id: I05dbc8570aae48f218c20529b2ba90f435120d32
2018-12-17 09:08:46 -08:00
Jeremy Stanley 6bf2659085 Overhaul instructions in README.rst for clarity
The README.rst file included some rough instructions which may not
be entirely clear to newcomers to the community. Add some details so
that they don't need to guess where some things are.

Switch the recommendation for Story commit footers to Task so that
the corresponding story task will get its status updated by our
automation accordingly (we hyperlink these since the SB webclient
has grown support for routing them to the correct story, so
including a Story footer as well is now unnecessary).

Drop the step of providing the review link in a story comment since
our automation will do this if a Task footer is included in the
commit message.

Change-Id: I1dcba7c88efa20b542f30f3f34a043caba7a4c3f
2018-12-06 17:35:50 +00:00
James E. Blair 80be266c9c Move project-hosting spec to completed
All of the items in this spec have been completed.

Change-Id: Ic2026a65e8c5a3b3b808bc0a704ba5d483e2dd09
2018-12-04 13:51:28 -08:00
rongyaozu 0a2880a714 remove the dumplicate word
Change-Id: I28d73da0b647f3b0dfe842815b9d1e41f1490258
2018-11-13 08:22:18 +08:00
rongyaozu 119370b626 remove the dumplicate words
Change-Id: I5dccbaa0a32e64f949d1da20e4244a857035cfb6
2018-11-13 08:20:19 +08:00
Ian Wienand e1aed27bc2 Direction setting for 3rd Party CI
This is a start at setting a direction for 3rd Party CI instructions
from OpenStack Infra.

Change-Id: I292a63a91060f8c454e4e4621791745bd9b884d4
2018-09-19 05:55:19 +10:00