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Infra Specs Repository

This is a git repository for doing design review on enhancements to the OpenStack Project Infrastructure. This provides an ability to ensure that everyone has signed off on the approach to solving a problem early on.

Expected Work Flow

  1. Create a story in StoryBoard with a task affecting the opendev/infra-specs project
  2. Propose a change to this repository and make sure Task: #<taskid> for the corresponding story's initial task is included as a footer in the commit message (see CONTRIBUTING.rst for relevant documentation links). This change should also add an entry for the proposed spec document in the Approved Design Specifications section of the doc/source/index.rst file.
  3. Once proposed, members of the community provide feedback through code review, and the specification should be revised until there seems to be some reasonable consensus as to its fitness.
  4. When ready for final approval, request addition of a call for votes to the weekly infra meeting agenda.
  5. If agreed by the meeting attendees, the chair will announce an approval deadline before which members of the Infrastructure Council are asked to cast their roll call votes on the proposal under review.

Once a specification is approved...

  1. Update the story, copying summary text of specification to there.
  2. Leave a comment linking to the published URL of the specification on the specs site.

Revisiting Specifications

We don't always get everything right the first time. If we realize we need to revisit a specification because something changed, either we now know more, or a new idea came in which we should embrace, we'll manage this by proposing an update to the specification in question.