OpenStack IRC meetings schedule
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  1. project: QA Team Office hours
  2. meeting_id: qa
  3. agenda_url:
  4. schedule:
  5. - time: '1330'
  6. day: Tuesday
  7. irc: openstack-qa
  8. frequency: weekly
  9. start_date: 20160107
  10. chair: Ghanshyam Mann (gmann)
  11. description: >
  12. The OpenStack QA Team holds public weekly Office hours. Everyone interested in
  13. testing, quality assurance, performance engineering, etc, should attend!
  14. Rules for adding to the agenda: Anyone is free to add to proposed agenda,
  15. please do so by 1 hr before the Office hours. If you add an item to the agenda,
  16. please include your ircnick (i.e. sdague) to the end of your item, so we
  17. know who did, and who should lead the discussion.