OpenStack IRC meetings schedule
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root d3ecd31917 Updated the PowerVM Chair Person Info 1 year ago
airship-team-meeting.yaml Adjust Airship meeting time 1 year ago
api-special-interest-group-meeting.yaml update api-sig meeting times 2 years ago
auto-scaling-meeting.yaml Add bi-weekly IRC meetings for auto-scaling SIG 1 year ago
barbican-meeting.yaml Update Barbican Agenda URL 1 year ago
blazar-team-meeting.yaml Add another Blazar meeting for the Americas 1 year ago
chef-openstack-team-meeting.yaml Add Chef OpenStack meeting information 2 years ago
cinder-team-meeting.yaml Switch meeting chair for Cinder Queens PTL 3 years ago
cloudkitty-team-meeting.yaml Creating an IRC meeting for CloudKitty 1 year ago
congress-team-meeting.yaml Change congress meeting time 2 years ago
containers-team-meeting.yaml Move Magnum irc meeting to #openstack-containers 2 years ago
cyborg-team-meeting.yaml Fix meeting ID for Cyborg 1 year ago
data-processing-sahara-team-meeting.yaml Changing Sahara meeting time 3 years ago
designate-dnsaas-meeting.yaml Update Designate IRC meeting to bi weekly alternating 2 years ago
diversity-working-group-meeting.yaml Updated meeting time for D&I WG 1 year ago
doc-team-meeting.yaml Change meeting time and format for Docs & I18n team 1 year ago
dragonflow-team-meeting.yaml Change Dragonflow meetings to be bi-weekly 2 years ago
femdc-sig.yaml Add Paul-Andre as a co-chair of the FEMDC SiG 2 years ago
firewall-as-a-service-fwaas-team-meeting.yaml Proposal for change of FWaaS meeting 3 years ago
first-contact-sig.yaml First Contact SIG update 1 year ago
freezer-meeting.yaml Update Freezer meeting time 1 year ago
glance-bug-squad-meeting.yaml Update glance meeting info 1 year ago
glance-team-meeting.yaml Update glance meeting info 1 year ago
gluon-team-meeting.yaml Add Meeting Information for New Project Gluon 4 years ago
group-policy-team-meeting.yaml Set meeting chairs to the canonical form 4 years ago
heat-orchestration-team-meeting.yaml Change Heat meeting time 1 year ago
horizon-team-meeting.yaml Change Horizon meeting time 2 years ago
i18n-team-meeting.yaml [trivial] fix I18n meeting-id 1 year ago
image-encryption-popup-team-meeting.yaml Add Image Encryption Popup-Team Meeting 1 year ago
interop-wg-meeting.yaml Updated meeting time to remove now defunct Interop Challenge 2 years ago
ironic-bare-metal-team-meeting.yaml Update Ironic meeting 2 years ago
karbor-team-meeting.yaml Update karbor team meeting chair 1 year ago
kayobe-team-meeting.yaml Add kayobe team meeting 1 year ago
keystone-team-meeting.yaml Update keystone meeting chair 1 year ago
keystone-team-office-hours.yaml Add keystone team office hours meeting 1 year ago
kolla-team-meeting.yaml Hold kolla meetings in #openstack-kolla 1 year ago
kuryr-team-meeting.yaml Update kuryr-kubernetes irc meeting time 1 year ago
lcoo-team-meeting.yaml Updating from biweekly-odd to even to fix which week issue 2 years ago
loci-team-meeting.yaml Update meeting time and location for LOCI 2 years ago
manila-team-meeting.yaml Update manila team meeting chair 2 years ago
masakari-team-meeting.yaml Change Masakari Team Meeting Time 2 years ago
mistral-meeting.yaml Move the Mistral meeting one hour earlier 3 years ago
mogan-team-meeting.yaml Add Mogan (Baremetal Computing service) meeting 3 years ago
monasca-team-meeting.yaml Cancel Thursday Monasca meetings 1 year ago
murano-meeting.yaml Murano convert weekly meeting to office hours 2 years ago
networking-bgpvpn.yaml Add explict start dates to meeting yaml 4 years ago
networking-ovn-meeting.yaml Update networking OVN meeting 1 year ago
networking-vpp.yaml Add a networking-vpp meeting 3 years ago
neutron-ci.yaml Update neutron-ci agenda and chairs 1 year ago
neutron-drivers-meeting.yaml Update time of Neutron Drivers meeting 2 years ago
neutron-l3-sub-team-meeting.yaml Propose a new time for L3 subteam meeting 1 year ago
neutron-performance-meeting.yaml Schedule Neutron Performance meeting 2 years ago
neutron-qos-meeting.yaml Add ralonsoh to chairing neutron-qos meeting 1 year ago
neutron-team-meeting.yaml neutron: remove jlibosva from chairing Neutron meetings 2 years ago
nova-team-meeting.yaml Update the nova team meeting chair to efried 1 year ago
octavia-meeting.yaml Updates Octavia meeting time to 1600 UTC 1 year ago
openstack-ansible-deployment.yaml Moving the OpenStack-Ansible meeting time and channel 2 years ago
openstack-charms.yaml Additional IRC meeting for Charms 3 years ago
openstack-helm-team-meeting.yaml Consolidate openstack-meeting channels 1 year ago
openstack-security-sig-meeting.yaml Update start_date for new Security SIG meeting 2 years ago
operators-telco-nfv-working-group.yaml Move meeting channel to free up weekly slot 2 years ago
ops-meetup-team.yaml Fix UTC conversion fail for ops meetup 2 years ago
oslo-team-meeting.yaml Update Oslo meeting details 2 years ago
placement-team-meeting.yaml Change Placement meeting to Office Hour 1 year ago
powervm-driver-meeting.yaml Updated the PowerVM Chair Person Info 1 year ago
project-infrastructure-team-meeting.yaml The openstack-infra meeting is now chaired by clarkb 2 years ago
publiccloud-sig-meeting.yaml After transforming publiccloud wg to sig, meeting info changes as well. 1 year ago
qa-team-meeting.yaml Modify the QA office hour time 1 year ago
release-team-meeting.yaml Move the release team meeting 1 year ago
requirements-team.yaml Update requirements meeting time 2 years ago
rpm-packaging.yaml rpm-packaging: Move meeting time 1 year ago
scientific-sig-meeting.yaml Convert Scientific from Working Group to Special Interest Group 2 years ago
search-team-meeting.yaml Change Searchlight team meeting 1 year ago
self-healing-meeting.yaml Add meeting for the self-healing SIG 1 year ago
senlin-team-meeting.yaml Change Senlin meeting to different biweekly times 1 year ago
storyboard-meeting.yaml Update Meeting Chairs 1 year ago
swift-team-meeting.yaml new swift team meeting 3 years ago
tacker-team-meeting.yaml According to poll, change tacker project meeting date to tuesday 2 years ago
technical-committee-meeting.yaml add tc meetings 1 year ago
technical-committee-office-hours.yaml add tc meetings 1 year ago
telemetry-team-meeting.yaml Add Telemetry team meeting 1 year ago
tricircle-team-meeting.yaml Update Tricircle weekly meeting schedule 3 years ago
tripleO-team-meeting.yaml Update the IRC room for TripleO 2 years ago
trove-dbaas-team-meeting.yaml Change Trove meeting time 2 years ago
upgrades-sig.yaml Switch Upgrades SIG to monthly meeting 2 years ago
user-committee-meeting.yaml moving time up with US daylight savings time change 1 year ago
vitrage-team-meeting.yaml Change time and irc channel of Vitrage project weekly meeting 4 years ago
watcher-team-meeting.yaml Change watcher meeting schedule and chair 1 year ago
zaqar-team-meeting.yaml Change the channel and chair of Zaqar meeting 2 years ago
zun-team-meeting.yaml Add Shengqin Feng as a chair of Zun meetings 2 years ago