Zuul configuration for the OpenDev tenant
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# Venus renames
- old: inspur/python-venusclient
new: openstack/python-venusclient
- old: inspur/venus
new: openstack/venus
- old: inspur/venus-dashboard
new: openstack/venus-dashboard
- old: inspur/venus-specs
new: openstack/venus-specs
- old: inspur/venus-tempest-plugin
new: openstack/venus-tempest-plugin
# OpenInfra renames
- old: osf/edge-computing-group
new: openinfra/edge-computing-group
- old: osf/four-opens
new: openinfra/four-opens
- old: osf/groups
new: openinfra/groups
- old: osf/groups-static-pages
new: openinfra/groups-static-pages
- old: osf/interop
new: openinfra/interop
- old: osf/odsreg
new: openinfra/odsreg
- old: osf/openstack-map
new: openinfra/openstack-map
- old: osf/openstackid
new: openinfra/openstackid
- old: osf/openstackid-resources
new: openinfra/openstackid-resources
- old: osf/openstackweb
new: openinfra/openstackweb
- old: osf/python-tempestconf
new: openinfra/python-tempestconf
- old: osf/refstack
new: openinfra/refstack
- old: osf/refstack-client
new: openinfra/refstack-client
- old: osf/transparency-policy
new: openinfra/transparency-policy
- old: x/ansible-role-refstack-client
new: openinfra/ansible-role-refstack-client
gerrit_groups: []