OpenStack Infra Team conference presentations and papers
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Publications Repository

Each publication should get its own branch and is a living document.

In order to create a new slide deck, create your branch from the presentation template. See the template README for step by step instructions on this process.

Note that each branch should have a README.rst file where the first line is the title of the presentation.

Each time a publication is presented or published, the branch should be tagged (with a signed, annotated tag). The first line of the tag message should be the title of the event or publication, and the tag itself should be in the format "year-venue-publication". For example, if the presentation "overview" was given at LinuxCon North America 2013, you might tag it with:

git tag -s -m "LinuxCon North America, 2013" 2013-linuxcon_na-overview

The 'make-index' script will create an index page based on index.html, and all current branches and tags in the repo and their README.rst files.

Viewable publications are published to: