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  OpenDev Sysadmins 08bab904aa OpenDev Migration Patch 4 days ago
  Ian Wienand 38c893fe86 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 1 month ago
  Colleen Murphy 804157d7a5 Update Gemfile for Zuulv3 9 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 58310c46cd Make localuser router optional 10 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 139fddd195 Make /etc/aliases extensible 1 year ago
  Zuul 8ea888e15e Merge "Move user-supplied routers to the end" 1 year ago
  James E. Blair 664c8806e7 Set keep_environment to empty to silence warning 1 year ago
  James E. Blair 153a21cda8 Move user-supplied routers to the end 1 year ago
  Zuul 099455fd6b Merge "Process mailman addresses last" 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 9fa2bd4853 Process mailman addresses last 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy fec74d203f Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptance 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 5a09f46999 Add smtp_accept_max and smtp_accept_max_per_host 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 4f1c9531bc
Add bindep.txt file 2 years ago
  James E. Blair 60615d96d3 Fix local_domains domain list 2 years ago
  James E. Blair f7ecbeb03c Template local_domains 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum 1cc47e04d0 Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependencies 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum b04f99759a Pin google-api-client; sanitize Gemfile 3 years ago
  Andrey Nikitin 4910a92977 Order of the class parameters is refactored 3 years ago
  James E. Blair db92dec3f2 Add some whitespace between routers/transports 3 years ago
  James E. Blair ae24f6250d Always specify driver first 3 years ago
  James E. Blair 86b5780533 Add documentation for exim routers/transports 3 years ago
  James E. Blair 11f9d34a2a Accept configurable routers/transports 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 93ed59ce0e Fix target path for regular git clone during tests 3 years ago
  Jenkins 025d36e680 Merge "Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checks" 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 105b944980 Boilerplate beaker-rspec files 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 37727e4b45 Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checks 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 6026961606 Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infra 4 years ago
  Ramy Asselin 787b7b4a1f Rename openstackci to openstackinfra 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 68138fe348 Add missing LICENSE file 4 years ago
  Jonathan Harker dc5a4a512a Add new module boilerplate 4 years ago
  Spencer Krum 54e5c1268e Fix deprecation warnings in exim module 4 years ago
  Jenkins 46188fea70 Merge "Align exim module parameter name with the tree" 4 years ago
  James E. Blair 23af99de14 Revert "Fixing deprecation warnings" 4 years ago
  Spencer Krum 8cc1ef6a90 Fixing deprecation warnings 4 years ago
  Monty Taylor c45f179da0 Align exim module parameter name with the tree 4 years ago
  James E. Blair 776945346f Only allow mail from jenkins from zuul 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 0e2b4654aa Un-Revert "Make gerrit email server configurable" 5 years ago
  James E. Blair 1b1278ddfc Revert "Make gerrit email server configurable" 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 6e7a877ef4 Make gerrit email server configurable 5 years ago
  James E. Blair d1add0e652 Add queue_smtp_domains as a parameter 5 years ago
  James E. Blair c08567bf1b Further tuning of lists 5 years ago
  James E. Blair 5a7ebc56b5 Add queue runner interval option to exim 5 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley ff7a805332 The facter osfamily of Ubuntu is Debian. 6 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley bc9432c249 Jenkins slave puppetry for CentOS. 6 years ago
  Dan Prince 7d95685616 Update exim module to install package before file. 6 years ago
  Dan Prince 0f25d1ed6a Update exim module to work on RHEL. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 1a24fbbcc1 Don't attempt to deliver to gmail over v6. 6 years ago
  Paul Belanger 41866eaaa2 Style Guide updates for puppet-lint 6 years ago
  James E. Blair a3bc279899 Include mailman domains in local domains. 7 years ago
  James E. Blair 1cbba7502c Add initial mailman config. 7 years ago