Puppet modules for deploying Apache in OpenStack infrastructure
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  1. Ryan Coleman - ryan@puppetlabs.com - May 8 2012 - v0.0.4
  2. e62e362 Fix broken tests for ssl, vhost, vhost::*
  3. 42c6363 Changes to match style guide and pass puppet-lint without error
  4. 42bc8ba changed name => path for file resources in order to name namevar by it's name
  5. 72e13de One end too much
  6. 0739641 style guide fixes: 'true' <> true, $operatingsystem needs to be $::operatingsystem, etc.
  7. 273f94d fix tests
  8. a35ede5 (#13860) Make a2enmod/a2dismo commands optional
  9. 98d774e (#13860) Autorequire Package['httpd']
  10. 05fcec5 (#13073) Add missing puppet spec tests
  11. 541afda (#6899) Remove virtual a2mod definition
  12. 976cb69 (#13072) Move mod python and wsgi package names to params
  13. 323915a (#13060) Add .gitignore to repo
  14. fdf40af (#13060) Remove pkg directory from source tree
  15. fd90015 Add LICENSE file and update the ModuleFile
  16. d3d0d23 Re-enable local php class
  17. d7516c7 Make management of firewalls configurable for vhosts
  18. 60f83ba Explicitly lookup scope of apache_name in templates.
  19. f4d287f (#12581) Add explicit ordering for vdir directory
  20. 88a2ac6 (#11706) puppetlabs-apache depends on puppetlabs-firewall
  21. a776a8b (#11071) Fix to work with latest firewall module
  22. 2b79e8b (#11070) Add support for Scientific Linux
  23. 405b3e9 Fix for a2mod
  24. 57b9048 Commit apache::vhost::redirect Manifest
  25. 8862d01 Commit apache::vhost::proxy Manifest
  26. d5c1fd0 Commit apache::mod::wsgi Manifest
  27. a825ac7 Commit apache::mod::python Manifest
  28. b77062f Commit Templates
  29. 9a51b4a Vhost File Declarations
  30. 6cf7312 Defaults for Parameters
  31. 6a5b11a Ensure installed
  32. f672e46 a2mod fix
  33. 8a56ee9 add pthon support to apache