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  OpenDev Sysadmins 3b024bfb51 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 days ago
  Ian Wienand 054b948563 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 4 weeks ago
  Jeremy Stanley 56bf7c379c Dissuade .gitignore references to personal tools 6 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 4465a5ebaf Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptance 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley fb44c47604 Update cookiecutter metadata suggested year 2 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley f418876cf7 Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependencies 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum aec6aa6d0d Pin google-api-client 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger d081f8268f Update Infra URL 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9ab8a7c1c3 Use git.openstack.org everywhere 3 years ago
  James E. Blair a907b9c959 Correct extra JSON comma 3 years ago
  Yolanda Robla a258d5b819 Add initial version for puppet-infra-cookiecutter 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator a148a3747c Added .gitreview 3 years ago