44 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins ed143a4383 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Ian Wienand 7d24a8209d Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 months ago
  Clark Boylan 073ef439a7 Use full lookup path for serveradmin in template 7 months ago
  Clark Boylan c6e070db6c Set server admin var so that vhost works 7 months ago
  Zuul db7e1887c8 Merge "Fix template variables" 11 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 74e6af7fd7 Fix template variables 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy b60e5b9893 Update Gemfile for Zuulv3 1 year ago
  Zuul 4902600dd1 Merge "Fix scope of vhost template variables" 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy de1b7966d4 Fix scope of vhost template variables 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy efba033351 Use instance variables in puppet template 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 65192133b7 Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptance 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 7b6d9468c1 Fix beaker on xenial 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum 9ece2bf61d Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependencies 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan 0a62118c0e Support Apache 2.4 ACLs 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan 7904825abb Configure apache when we use it 3 years ago
  Jenkins 586bb3818b Merge "Remove support for Kibana2" 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum e0dbc71c64 Pin google-api-client; sanitize Gemfile 3 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker 3906807caf Remove support for Kibana2 3 years ago
  Andrey Nikitin 0c7f9c5e48 Order of the classes parameters is refactored 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 183dc2e05b Remove conflicting ownership resources 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan df57bd6f9e Encode query uri component properly 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan 47f7ddf78f Vendor dashLoader.js with Share patch 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan 304a9e6e81 Remove trailing / from config.js url 3 years ago
  Clark Boylan 86fb79e091 Use custom logstash dashboard 3 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker c051797294 Use httpd::vhost instead of apache::vhost 3 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker 8c66da99df Add kibana3 support 4 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker 3e95d92cfc Refactor kibana-ruby specific bits to kibana::ruby 4 years ago
  Spencer Krum 8423c1ae96 Fix target path for regular git clone during tests 3 years ago
  Colleen Murphy 257a7d00be Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checks 4 years ago
  Spencer Krum 89d3945873 Boilerplate beaker-rspec files 4 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker fd84794d71 Add some missing dependencies 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 8ec2ed9d90 Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infra 4 years ago
  Ramy Asselin a5be3eb33a Rename openstackci to openstackinfra 4 years ago
  Yolanda Robla b78dfa4507 Update kibana project url 4 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley f46b543e95 Add missing LICENSE file 4 years ago
  Mikhail S Medvedev 04de99338d Add standard puppet module files and .gitreview 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas a0c7195d36 Bump up results per page in Kibana 5 years ago
  Clark Boylan d69b469b11 Upgrade Logstash to 1.2.1. 5 years ago
  Clark Boylan c7932eaf20 Better elasticsearch cluster settings. 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan ae73e18646 Add support for elasticsearch cluster. 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan ce79dcb720 Fix elasticsearch connectivity on logstash.o.o. 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan 54fb22d626 Set number of faceting indexes to 1 in Kibana. 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan 41163e7071 Set more precise Kibana timestamp format. 6 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker 06c170ea0c Use kibana as the web frontend to logstash. 6 years ago