Make sure we install the latest requirements

This commit switches the api server from installing the requirements
file with pip install, via the ::python::requirements class, to using
pip install -U explicitly via an exec. We need to use -U to ensure
we're pulling in the latest version of subunit2sql that's valid,
otherwise the version won't be in sync with our database which can
potentially cause issues.

Change-Id: I6797bcf82cc82a8a49441f9abb90bbc95fbd365b
Matthew Treinish 2015-11-30 17:34:41 -05:00
parent 10bb4095f0
commit 0a5077351e
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@ -33,17 +33,17 @@ class openstack_health::api(
require => Class['::python'],
::python::requirements { "${source_dir}/requirements.txt":
virtualenv => $virtualenv_dir,
require => Python::Virtualenv[$virtualenv_dir],
subscribe => Vcsrepo[$source_dir],
exec { 'requirements':
command => "${virtualenv_dir}/bin/pip install -U -r ${source_dir}/requirements.txt",
require => Python::Virtualenv[$virtualenv_dir],
subscribe => Vcsrepo[$source_dir],
refreshonly => true,
exec { 'package-application':
command => "${virtualenv_dir}/bin/pip install -e ${source_dir}",
require => Python::Requirements["${source_dir}/requirements.txt"],
refreshonly => true,
subscribe => Vcsrepo[$source_dir],
subscribe => Exec['requirements'],
file { '/etc/openstack-health.conf':