Turn off binary symlink in nodejs module

On Xenial, the nodejs puppet module tries to create a symlink from
/usr/bin/node to /usr/bin/nodejs. Depending on the resource ordering,
this might happen before or after the nodejs package creates its own
/usr/bin/node. If puppet has the chance to make the symlink itself, it
breaks node by creating a broken link cycle. This patch uses the
legacy_debian_symlinks parameter to prevent the puppet module from doing
that. This problem was fixed and the option was deprecated and removed
in later versions of the nodejs puppet module, so we will have to remove
the parameter if we update the nodejs module.

Change-Id: I1884dc5a005fe328469b58f876e854c22037d0b7
Colleen Murphy 5 years ago
parent 361c38284e
commit c148067970

@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ class openstack_health::frontend(
) {
class { '::nodejs':
repo_url_suffix => '6.x',
repo_url_suffix => '6.x',
legacy_debian_symlinks => false,
package { 'node-gyp':