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Clark Boylan 40e79ffdbb Use file resource to manage build copy
We had a complicated series of execs to build and copy files into the
docroot. Unfortunately these haven't worked as expected but we can
simplify the puppet by using a file resource to manage the copy of the
build for us.

Change-Id: I55c521bc7b5f24e46932c11cece4376e55f50767
2015-10-21 16:12:35 -07:00
Matthew Treinish 559d6b83c7
Only run mv if we generated a new js build
This commit adds a missing refreshonly from the exec to run the mv
which moves the build dir to the output dir. Previously we were
running this on every exec which caused failures when a new build
wasn't run. This should address this by only running the mv when we
build the js.

Change-Id: Id9d48c0e5da4567b0afefad22513c391b95e9bc0
2015-10-21 17:23:58 -04:00
Matthew Treinish c974b922e9
Add site module to deploy frontend to a dir
This commit adds a site.pp file which is used to deploy the frontend
to a directory instead of setting up a vhost. When deploying this on
status.o.o we need to put the dashboard in a dir on an existing vhost
instead of deploying a seperate one. This commit adds the class to do

Change-Id: Ic47fbd817a293a257f7a9b164682fc96cce5321e
2015-10-20 21:34:47 -04:00