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Glauco Oliveira 576fe04b85 Fix broken acceptance tests
While applying this module downstream we noticed that its acceptance
tests were broken.

During the process of fixing them we noticed that the reason for this
were the changes made in the manifest 'openstack_health::frontend'.
Apparently a new manifest was created to take care of installing the
frontend, 'openstack_health::vhost'.

The first step in order to fix this was adapting the tests to use this
new manifest instead of the former. While doing so we noticed that the
apache vhost template file was not being generated correctly. That
happened because it was binding agains 'openstack_health::frontend',
which now did not have the parameters necessary.

So, in order to make the whole acceptance test suite work, it was
necessary updating the vhost template file as well.

Change-Id: I79edb3b05ca25b484a62d6a414592e662b42d85e
Co-Authored-By: Danilo Ramalho <>
2015-11-11 14:05:35 -02:00
Matthew Treinish c974b922e9
Add site module to deploy frontend to a dir
This commit adds a site.pp file which is used to deploy the frontend
to a directory instead of setting up a vhost. When deploying this on
status.o.o we need to put the dashboard in a dir on an existing vhost
instead of deploying a seperate one. This commit adds the class to do

Change-Id: Ic47fbd817a293a257f7a9b164682fc96cce5321e
2015-10-20 21:34:47 -04:00