Puppet module to deploy openstackid
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OpenStack OpenStackId

OpenStackId is a single-sign-on service integrated with openstack.org profile database. Provides openid and oauth2 authentication for third party applications.

Quick Start

class { 'openstackid':
  site_admin_password      => 'adminpass',
  # openstackid application database
  id_mysql_host            => 'localhost',
  id_mysql_user            => 'openstackid',
  id_mysql_password        => 'password',
  id_db_name               => 'openstackid',
  # membership database
  ss_mysql_host            => 'localhost',
  ss_mysql_user            => 'openstackid',
  ss_mysql_password        => 'password',
  ss_db_name               => '$ss_db_name',
  # redis settings
  redis_port               => '6378',
  redis_host               => '',
  redis_password           => 'password',
  # recaptcha service keys
  id_recaptcha_public_key  => $id_recaptcha_public_key,
  id_recaptcha_private_key => $id_recaptcha_private_key,
  id_recaptcha_template    => $id_recaptcha_template,
  # logging
  id_log_error_to_email    => $id_log_error_to_email,
  id_log_error_from_email  => $id_log_error_from_email,
  # laravel environment settings
  id_environment           => 'dev',
  # ssl configuration
  ssl_cert_file            => "/etc/ssl/certs/${::fqdn}.pem",
  ssl_key_file             => "/etc/ssl/private/${::fqdn}.key",
  ssl_chain_file           => '/etc/ssl/certs/intermediate.pem',
  ssl_cert_file_contents   => $ssl_cert_file_contents,
  ssl_key_file_contents    => $ssl_key_file_contents,
  ssl_chain_file_contents  => $ssl_chain_file_contents,
  # release to deploy
  openstackid_release      => '1.0.2',