33 Commits (master)

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  Sebastian Marcet 7b6fd76dd1 Updated Permissions for deployment 2 months ago
  Sebastian Marcet 89674a7145 Updated deploy functions 2 months ago
  Sebastian Marcet 5ad10537b4 Updated script to support PHP7 4 months ago
  Sebastian Marcet f76fd943fe Updated puppet scripts to use webpack 1 year ago
  Sebastian Marcet 985100d9c5 Server params tweaking 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet b466ee31bc Fixed typo on PHP ini 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 49e222aa4a Apache/PHP configuration tweaks 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 8e08ec78b1 Update functions to force on production 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 7580a4ed3d Fix to replicate LV5.x storage folder structure 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 75c6ce708b Puppet script upgrade to LV 5.X 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 274521cca5 Updated PHP settings to avoid 503 by timeouts 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 6f938175e0 PHP www pool tunning ( http 503 ) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 658b17ac03 Fix on PHP 503 error 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet ee676db635 Fix on PHP 503 error 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet ed77e451ee Fix on PHP 503 error 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet dac2029a73 php5-fpm 503 errors 2 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet a9fab67330 Updated config for Precise 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet a1c7cc4ed7 Apache MPM events + php5 fpm 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 638c790997 Update prefork MPM apache settings 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 79e17cabef Added DB seeding support 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet e7239d4746 Added mising link to config file 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet dbd2643937 Fix on nodejs default version 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 4d403d240f Fix on bower test file exist condition: 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 7012876bfc Sintax error fix on shell scripting functions 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet 79746e577e Improved Bower support 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet dfb6169d47 Added bower support 3 years ago
  Sebastian Marcet bd1f2efd39 Updated configuration for OIDC 3 years ago
  Marton Kiss 65255adaf0 Enable oauth2 in openstackid configuration 4 years ago
  K Jonathan Harker 71e764582d Clean up bashate failures 4 years ago
  Marton Kiss 83b188fda1 Openstackid site-update feature 5 years ago
  Marton Kiss 2893d81266 Openstackid track site version 5 years ago
  Marton Kiss 9a92ed84b6 Openstackid deployment symlink override fix 5 years ago
  smarcet 0c6631eeb7 Clean up puppet (deploy LAMP / setup app config) 5 years ago