39 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins ea37a8d817 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 days ago
  Ian Wienand f1eed8682e Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 4 weeks ago
  Zuul b7cbc13e2b Merge "Add beaker tests" 5 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 3ffe437dbf Use port 6697 for IRC over SSL/TLS 7 months ago
  Zuul e9899e710e Merge "Have the 'statusbot' service subscribe to the pip install" 8 months ago
  Colleen Murphy b6c60c0414 Add beaker tests 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 6479e266cf Update Gemfile for Zuulv3 9 months ago
  John L. Villalovos de203e0d43 Have the 'statusbot' service subscribe to the pip install 1 year ago
  Mike Perez 3973ed99a2 Add configuration for thanks/success page url 1 year ago
  Jenkins 7b9f7fbd88 Merge "Enable #thanks feature statusbot" 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 48d4468b01 Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptance 1 year ago
  Mike Perez b6df511df0 Enable #thanks feature statusbot 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 07e7ed8eb0 Fix beaker on xenial 1 year ago
  Elizabeth K. Joseph a6b4f78006
Add Twitter support 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum 4923f8ca4f Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependencies 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum 34166d960c Pin google-api-client; sanitize Gemfile 3 years ago
  Andrey Nikitin 77576b526a Order of the class parameters is refactored 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum d0bd58c1be Allow statusbot to take an array of auth nicks 3 years ago
  Thierry Carrez aa084758ed Enable #success feature from statusbot 3 years ago
  Jenkins 98ec6c6d2c Merge "Fix variable access warnings" 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum e4ed652594 Fix target path for regular git clone during tests 3 years ago
  Colleen Murphy d33f9f83df Add Gemfile and puppet 4 checks 3 years ago
  Colleen Murphy 083b70c395 Make class parameters required 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 179da46b2c Boilerplate beaker-rspec files 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 38a5dbb92d Fix variable access warnings 3 years ago
  Monty Taylor 3e21aaa7e8 Add support for passing channels as list 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 90de9b51d4 Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infra 3 years ago
  Ramy Asselin 15b1d200c4 Rename openstackci to openstackinfra 4 years ago
  Ramy Asselin 7793061d62 Add puppet module files for Statusbot 4 years ago
  James E. Blair 36a5de7cf9 Serve the statusbot alert file from eavesdrop 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 88010d91f7 Use pip install instead of setup.py install 5 years ago
  Monty Taylor 41062eebbe Use cgit server instead of github for everything 5 years ago
  James E. Blair 11156f641b Don't automatically run meetbot/statusbot. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 969eac00e2 Add debug irc logging to statusbot. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 19146e595f Fix /var/*/statusbot owner. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair bf35947d7b Add nicks parameter to statusbot. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 0c38a8c30a Set owner on /var/*/statusbot to statusbot. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair ee8b6aea81 Correct statusbot vcsrepo typo. 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 7a60269e59 Add statusbot to eavesdrop.o.o. 6 years ago