97 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins bc6edbe3d5 OpenDev Migration Patch 6 hours ago
  Ian Wienand 35764a1e39 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 weeks ago
  Zuul 11005605dc Merge "Add beaker tests" 2 months ago
  Zuul d7ff514c0c Merge "Fix subunit2sql install guard for idempotency" 4 months ago
  Colleen Murphy f5d762f98e Add beaker tests 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy dcecea024c Update Gemfile for Zuulv3 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 8360c894db Fix subunit2sql install guard for idempotency 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 2d4e2178fe Pin statsd to version 2.1.2 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 3b44d63528 Don't install python-yaml package 9 months ago
  Colleen Murphy bb2f9fc027 Use instance variables in puppet template 11 months ago
  Jeremy Stanley 22284188fb Quote arguments to the test command 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley e02cfe94a3 Don't hardcode the path to pip 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley e2743a3529 Register the worker daemon with systemd 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 9e2a5d4633 Install/upgrade subunit2sql safely 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 69150752a0 Make subunit2sql install depend on netifaces 1 year ago
  Jeremy Stanley 7e35c0b223 Install python-netifaces to avoid building 1 year ago
  Matthew Treinish fc0a11ebc4
Strip legacy prefix if it's present 1 year ago
  Matthew Treinish 2a7070995e
Ensure that build_names are unique per project 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy ebf675e02c Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptance 1 year ago
  Colleen Murphy 3f9d1f434a Update beaker setup for xenial 1 year ago
  Jenkins c2beb42105 Merge "Add source_url to mqtt payload" 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 35025f8df5
Move paho-mqtt package install to worker node 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish c8b965bde6
Add source_url to mqtt payload 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 4037e7b1ba
Handle mqtt errors on failures before out_event is set 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 5e8ec7ad3f
Config is a dict so use get not getattr 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish c06cdc8a8a
Add MQTT support to the gearman worker 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 9b5753123e
Fix puppet-lint failures 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8fd36b64c4 Merge "Switch to storing run wall time in runs database" 2 years ago
  Mikhail S Medvedev 4548b4114b Remove trailing slash so if-defined guard works 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 7f701e51ee
Switch to storing run wall time in runs database 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 0e55e618ae Make sure global worker defs only done once 2 years ago
  Spencer Krum a2e16a0f58 Use new infra_spec_helper for gem dependencies 2 years ago
  Philip Marc Schwartz 1c435df394 Update pip provider to use openstack_pip provider 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish fa6b116168
Stop using a seperate retreiver thread 3 years ago
  James E. Blair fa17a37a52 Make main thread non-daemon 3 years ago
  Jenkins b6bf50c001 Merge "Ensure all jobs send a completion packet" 3 years ago
  Jenkins c078843f31 Merge "Make subunit2sql population single threaded" 3 years ago
  Spencer Krum 458db8990c Pin google-api-client; sanitize Gemfile 3 years ago
  James E. Blair b8b253cfaf Ensure all jobs send a completion packet 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish d31b5d9710
Make subunit2sql population single threaded 3 years ago
  Jenkins 224ed54b1e Merge "Fix log_url parsing for new job types" 3 years ago
  Jenkins aff061f15c Merge "Remove inaccurate comment" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 630ba7fad2 Merge "Switch use of cStringIO.StringIO to io.BytesIO" 3 years ago
  Tim Buckley 3663cc2be0 Fix log_url parsing for new job types 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 34fe9cc284
Ensure worker log dir is created 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 5025c20960
Switch /etc/logstash to /etc/subunit2sql 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 50c21b8c3f
Change /etc/logstash dir ownership to root 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 5d769819f5
Remove inaccurate comment 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish ad3cc21c67
Switch use of cStringIO.StringIO to io.BytesIO 3 years ago
  Matthew Treinish e12fc216ed
Add more debug logging for closed file issues 3 years ago