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"key": {
"uuid": "6505c93c_f03669f2",
"filename": "statusbot/",
"patchSetId": 1
"lineNbr": 341,
"author": {
"id": 4146
"writtenOn": "2021-05-28T20:24:28Z",
"side": 1,
"message": "I\u0027m not sure what to do about this. `/cap ls` against oftc reports only multi-prefix is available.\n\nWe could `/query nickserv status $nick` instead to try and validate identification status, but then we\u0027d need a more complicated state machine here is we\u0027ll have to break out and process more responses before sending our response.",
"revId": "126c90b997210c4e470ee7918ec6a0cc0c8fdfd0",
"serverId": "4a232e18-c5a9-48ee-94c0-e04e7cca6543",
"unresolved": true