OpenStack Task Tracking API
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# This is a cross-platform list tracking distribution packages needed by tests;
# see for additional information.
apt-transport-https [platform:dpkg test]
build-essential [platform:dpkg compile test]
chromium-browser [platform:dpkg test]
cyrus-sasl-devel [platform:rpm]
firefox [!platform:debian test]
iceweasel [platform:debian test]
language-pack-en [platform:ubuntu]
libcurl-devel [platform:rpm]
libcurl4-gnutls-dev [platform:dpkg compile]
libffi-dev [platform:dpkg compile]
libffi-devel [platform:rpm]
libmysqlclient-dev [platform:ubuntu compile]
default-libmysqlclient-dev [platform:debian compile]
libpq-dev [platform:dpkg compile]
locales [platform:debian]
lsb-release [test]
mariadb [platform:rpm test]
mariadb-devel [platform:rpm test]
mariadb-server [test platform:rpm]
mysql-client [platform:dpkg test]
mysql-server [platform:dpkg test]
openldap-devel [platform:rpm]
pkg-config [platform:dpkg compile]
pkgconfig [platform:rpm]
postgresql [test]
postgresql-client [platform:dpkg test]
postgresql-devel [platform:rpm test]
postgresql-server [platform:rpm test]
python-dev [compile test platform:dpkg]
python-devel [compile test platform:rpm]
python3-devel [compile test platform:rpm]
sqlite [test platform:rpm]
sqlite-devel [test platform:rpm]
sqlite3 [test platform:dpkg]
uuid-dev [platform:dpkg compile]
xorg-x11-server-Xvfb [platform:rpm test]
xvfb [platform:dpkg test]
zlib-devel [platform:rpm]
zlib1g-dev [platform:dpkg compile]