Clark Boylan b502ec35b0 Omnibus fixups for storyboard testing and CI
Linting fails due to two different hacking rules: H214 and H216. We fix
H214 by using assertNotIn and assertIn over assertFalse(foo in bar) and
assertTrue(foo in bar). We ignore H216 as it says don't use the mock
library but storyboard actually does use mock and updating to use
unittest.mock appears to be a fair bit of work.

In the sqlaclhemy models we move some classes around to address this
  sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: When initializing mapper mapped
  class Story->stories, expression 'TimeLineEvent' failed to locate a
  name ('TimeLineEvent'). If this is a class name, consider adding this
  relationship() to the <class 'storyboard.db.models.Story'> class after
  both dependent classes have been defined.

In the project loader we switch to using yaml.safe_load() to avoid the
missing Loader argument to yaml.load().

We pin jinja2 to < 3.0.0 as the old sphinx we've pinned to uses
contextfunction which appears to have been replaced in jinja2 3.0.0.
We should probably attempt to update the doc toolchain for storyboard
when we have time.

We pin MarkupSafe for similar reasons to the jinja2 pin. Version 2.1.0
of MarkupSafe removed the soft_unicode name which is used by sphinx.

Finally we run the python 3.6 and 3.7 jobs on ubuntu-bionic.

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