OpenStack Task Tracking API
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Welcome to StoryBoard's documentation!


StoryBoard is a web application for task tracking across inter-related projects. It is meant to be suitable for OpenStack task tracking.

StoryBoard consists of two components:

This documentation offers information on how to use StoryBoard, how StoryBoard works and how to contribute to the project.

Table of contents

Using StoryBoard

How it Works <gui/theory> Boards <gui/boards> Worklists <gui/worklists> Tasks, Stories, & Tags <gui/tasks_stories_tags> Organizing Your Work: Best Practices <gui/best_practices>

Maintenance guides


Launchpad Migration guides


Developer docs

Running the Tests <contribute/contributing> Webclient Commands <contribute/webclient> Installation and Running for Developers <contribute/development>

Extending StoryBoard

Overview <extending/index> Plugins: Cron Workers <extending/plugin_cron> Plugins: Event Workers <extending/plugin_worker>

Client API Reference


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