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Dong Ma f5a0f6ff85 turn on warning-is-error in documentation build
Turn on the flag to ensure that future warnings in the doc build
trigger a build failure.

Change-Id: Ibb59a40ec8f1bbd9520e0edb07360332d5701f5b
6 years ago
Matthew Treinish de195d5b75
Fix dailycount command
This commit fixes the dailycount subunit2sql-graph command. This was one
of the earlier graph commands added and has since bitrotted a bit to the
point where it doesn't work anymore. This commit fixes all those issues
and bumps the minimum versions for pandas and matplotlib because of the
updated usage.

Story: 2001034
Task: 4590
Change-Id: Iaea5e2f6036d39b6aa57685d484cd02f323a4d39
6 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 24465dac20 Add min ver to extra libs for graph
This commit adds min version to extra libs for graph command. When we
introduced a new graph type[1], we noticed that the matplotlib's min
version is required to use "style"[2]. However, regarding pandas, I'm
not confident with it. But an error occurred in my environment, when I
set pandas==0.10. (I suppose it's depends on OS or somethings.)

[1] Change-Id: I369717c84df0217a9a0cf17b7f9e975e580ce5a7

Change-Id: Iedb5203fb71ea522454b3f50a923fe8fc1ee1a74
8 years ago
Clint Byrum 92dc9d3d56 Example of how to use targets plugins
This should demonstrate the way this plugin interface can be used.

Change-Id: I39f4a618e616701a8eecd18d74dae1ae842ba9e4
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 62e484dc68
Use setuptools extras for graphing requirements
This commit switches the packages only required to generate graphs,
mainly pandas and matplotlib, to be marked as extra requirements using
setuptools extras. These requirements aren't needed for subunit2sql
unless you want to generate graphs and they are fairly involved to
install with many external dependencies.

Change-Id: Iefc0bbed60ad8a42a2568060ce109072e3e4c920
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 7585906bda
Add modular subunit2sql-graph entry point
This commit replaces the previous entry point in for the
subunit2sql-graph command and creates a new module for it in
This will enable the expansion of the types of graph commands
supported in future patches, by using an oslo.config subparsers it
will make expanding the subunit2sql-graph command a bit simpler.

Change-Id: I0de9aedae5447690b5433842799758d406b9b6ec
8 years ago
Mathew Odden 81b16bef3e Fix double PL::Python category typo
Assuming this was supposed to be the python 2 category line,
and fixing as such.

Change-Id: Ibda509b4b7b5d7a1a90829636897605e2b273f95
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 3036d15bf7 Add tool for generating line graphs of test run times
This commit adds a simple utility for generating graphs of an
individual tests run time over the entire set of test_runs. I imagine
this command will grow over time to generate other graphs, but for
right now it only does the one type.

Change-Id: I9ba442e83aeeac1ab9aad4b3e24ad09fd1e0f805
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish e600e573e9 Remove unneeded version string from setup.cfg
This commit removes the version string from setup.cfg. We can rely on
pbr to set the correct version based on the git tags so we don't need
to manually set it.

Change-Id: I3170ac51124e862a35709fd1a3902bb0148cf247
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 32f35b4ba9 Release subunit2sql 0.2
This commit bumps the version of subunit2sql to v0.3.0 due to the
recent 0.2 release.

Change-Id: I15c823ef7c3ffbdda6ecdcafef4b19684c6e5b82
9 years ago
Jenkins 05b90af96a Merge "Add sample config files for commands" 9 years ago
Matthew Treinish f1b08f61a2 Add sample config files for commands
This commit adds a sample config file for each of the current 3
commands in subunit2sql. The files contain the current list of options
which can potentially be set in  a config file when using the command.
However for some of the arguments it doesn't make any sense to use them
outside of the cli.

The sample config files can be generated using the oslo-config-generator
utility with the config files added in the config-generator dir.

Change-Id: Ie578f99f27553e14fca4153a9ac5b5aa1c7eb49e
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish fe24b4a396 Add manifest file to include base alembic config
This commit adds a manifset file to ensure that the base alembic
config file is installed in the correct path. The
subunit2sql-db-manage utility depends on that file exisiting in the
same dir so it can use it to build on based on the subunit2sql config

Change-Id: Icc0d97ca1d1b0bd91434a38014902b922a4ff3ba
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 1394000b39 Add subunit2sql-db-manage utility
This commit adds a new cli utility for managing the subunit2sql db.
Previously alembic could just be used directly however since access
to the db models were needed for future migration scripts the db api
was needed. This required invoking the config object to be able to
use the db api calls. Alembic isn't aware of oslo.db or the config
object, so by creating a seperate cli interface we initialize all of
that at the same time. This also saves the need to configure
connection info to the db in 2 places, since just the oslo.db option
will be used.

This utility borrows heavily from the neutron utility to do the same

Change-Id: I110baa532d08de4ca70b7ea2d1dcdc845d595693
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish d43c12d1e1 Add basic support for creating a subunit stream from db
This adds a new command, sql2subunit, to take a run_id and create a
subunit stream from all the data in the db around that run_id.

Change-Id: Id1f95da71f3d4ca8469e985ee904e91fb4acb247
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish ca04ae8034 Release subunit2sql-0.1
subunit2sql-0.1 was pushed to pypi. Change the development to be on
the next version subunit2sql 0.2
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish b3637c3b1b Update project packaging
This commit makes some updates to the project packaging as well as
adding a couple more short term TODOs to the list.
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 9d86270fac Initial commit
This just adds the basic framework for all the various pieces. The
schema will be built using alembic. Everything else is untested.
9 years ago