Revert "Disable crm114 on the logstash worker nodes"

This reverts commit a000d47ed1.

We have updated the crm processing to collapse indentical log files with
different paths or suffixes into a single file name for processing. This
should dramatically reduce disk consumption for crm114 learning making
it safe to use again.

Change-Id: I50aa5fa434de51c689e5c2e51070db0ee1a76bae
Clark Boylan 6 years ago
parent 53df8aecdf
commit 0f37f227f8

@ -3,9 +3,8 @@ gearman-port: 4730
output-host: localhost
output-port: 9999
output-mode: tcp
# Temporarily disabled as this is filling our worker node disks
#crm114-script: /usr/local/bin/classify-log.crm
#crm114-data: /var/lib/crm114
crm114-script: /usr/local/bin/classify-log.crm
crm114-data: /var/lib/crm114
mqtt-host: <%= @mqtt_hostname %>
mqtt-port: <%= @mqtt_port %>
mqtt-topic: gearman-logstash/<%= @hostname %>