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Add some details on where to find things to homepage

The homepage mentions a lot of technologies that OpenDev use, but
doesn't link to any of the running instances. This commit
adds links to, and
the configuration for the opendev homepage itself, so that
it's easier to find things and to experience the technologies
it refers to.

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Zara 8 months ago
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@@ -14,11 +14,16 @@
<p>OpenDev is a space for collaborative Open Source software development.</p>
<p>OpenDev’s mission is to provide project hosting, continuous integration tooling,
and virtual collaboration spaces for Open Source software projects. OpenDev is
itself self hosted on this set of tools including Code Review (Gerrit), Continuous
Integration (Zuul), Etherpad, Wiki (mediawiki), Code Browsing (gitea) and so on.
itself self hosted on this set of tools including
<a href="">Code Review (Gerrit)</a>,
<a href=""> Continuous Integration (Zuul)</a>,
<a href="">Etherpad</a>,
Wiki (mediawiki),
<a href="">Code Browsing (gitea)</a> and so on.
This means that OpenDev itself is run like an open source project, you
can join us and help run the system. Additionally all of the services we run are
open source software themselves.</p>
open source software themselves. The configuration for this site lives
<a href="">here!</a></p>

<h1 id="current-status">Current Status</h1>