Merge "Retool accessbot for OFTC"

Zuul 2 years ago committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 2920ba83d5

@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
def __init__(self, config, noop, nick, password, server, port):
self.identify_msg_cap = False
self.config = config
self.nick = nick
self.password = password
@ -44,6 +43,7 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
self.channels = [x['name'] for x in self.config['channels']]
self.current_channel = None
self.current_list = []
self.current_mode = ''
self.changes = []
self.identified = False
if self.port == 6697:
@ -56,30 +56,19 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
def on_disconnect(self, connection, event):
def on_welcome(self, c, e):
self.identify_msg_cap = False
self.log.debug("Requesting identify-msg capability")
c.cap('REQ', 'identify-msg')
def on_cap(self, c, e):
self.log.debug("Received cap response %s" % repr(e.arguments))
if e.arguments[0] == 'ACK' and 'identify-msg' in e.arguments[1]:
self.log.debug("identify-msg cap acked")
self.identify_msg_cap = True
self.log.debug("Identifying to nickserv")
c.privmsg("nickserv", "identify %s " % self.password)
def on_privnotice(self, c, e):
if not self.identify_msg_cap:
self.log.debug("Ignoring message because identify-msg "
"cap not enabled")
nick = e.source.split('!')[0]
auth = e.arguments[0][0]
msg = e.arguments[0][1:]
if auth == '+' and nick == 'NickServ' and not self.identified:
if msg.startswith('You are now identified'):
msg = e.arguments[0]
if nick == 'NickServ' and not self.identified:
if msg.startswith('authenticate yourself to services'):
self.log.debug("Identifying to nickserv")
# TODO (fungi): We should protect against sending our
# password to a false NickServ, perhaps with
# or eventually
# SASL once the ircd implements that
c.privmsg("nickserv", "identify %s " % self.password)
elif msg.startswith('You are successfully identified'):
self.identified = True
# Prejoin and set ourselves as op in these channels,
# to facilitate +f forwarding.
@ -88,8 +77,10 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
c.privmsg("chanserv", "op #%s" % channel)
if auth != '+' or nick != 'ChanServ':
self.log.debug("Ignoring message from unauthenticated "
if nick not in ('ChanServ', 'NickServ'):
self.log.debug("Ignoring message from non-ChanServ "
"user %s" % nick)
self.failed = False
@ -99,95 +90,78 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
ret = {}
alumni = []
mode = ''
level = ''
channel = None
for c in self.config['channels']:
if c['name'] == channel_name:
channel = c
if channel is None:
raise Exception("Unknown channel %s" % (channel_name,))
mask = ''
for access, nicks in (list(self.config['global'].items()) +
for key, value in (list(self.config['global'].items()) +
if access == 'mask':
mask = self.config['access'].get(nicks)
if access == 'alumni':
alumni += nicks
if access == 'mode':
mode = nicks
flags = self.config['access'].get(access)
if flags is None:
if key == 'alumni':
alumni += value
for nick in nicks:
ret[nick] = flags
return mask, ret, alumni, mode
def _get_access_change(self, current, target, mask):
remove = ''
add = ''
change = ''
for x in current:
if x in '+-':
if key == 'mode':
mode = value
if target:
if x not in target:
remove += x
if x not in mask:
remove += x
for x in target:
if x in '+-':
# If we get this far, we assume the key is an access
# level matching an entry in the access list
level = self.config['access'].get(key)
if level is None:
# Skip if this doesn't match a defined access level
if x not in current:
add += x
if remove:
change += '-' + remove
if add:
change += '+' + add
return change
for nick in value:
ret[nick] = level
return ret, alumni, mode
def _get_access_change(self, current, target):
if current != target:
return target
def _get_access_changes(self):
mask, target, alumni, mode = self._get_access_list(self.current_channel)
self.log.debug("Mask for %s: %s" % (self.current_channel, mask))
self.log.debug("Target for %s: %s" % (self.current_channel, target))
target, alumni, mode = self._get_access_list(
self.log.debug("Target #%s ACL: %s" % (self.current_channel, target))
all_nicks = set()
global_alumni = self.config.get('alumni', {})
global_mode = self.config.get('mode', '')
current = {}
changes = []
for nick, flags, msg in self.current_list:
for nick, level, msg in self.current_list:
if nick in global_alumni or nick in alumni :
self.log.debug("%s is an alumni; removing access", nick)
changes.append('access #%s del %s' % (self.current_channel, nick))
current[nick] = flags
current[nick] = level
for nick in target.keys():
for nick in all_nicks:
change = self._get_access_change(current.get(nick, ''),
target.get(nick, ''), mask)
target.get(nick, ''))
if change:
changes.append('access #%s add %s %s' % (self.current_channel,
nick, change))
# Set the mode. Note we always just hard-set the mode for
# simplicity (per the man page mlock always clears and sets
# anyway). Channel mode overrides global mode.
# Note for +f you need to be op in the target channel; see
# op_channel option.
# Set the mode if what we want differs from what's already there.
# Channel mode overrides global mode.
if not mode and global_mode:
mode = global_mode
self.log.debug("Setting mode to : %s" % mode)
if mode:
if not mode:
mode = '+'
if sorted(mode) != sorted(self.current_mode):
self.log.debug("Current mode for #%s is %s, replacing with %s" % (
self.current_channel, self.current_mode, mode))
changes.append('set #%s mlock %s' % (self.current_channel, mode))
return changes
def advance(self, msg=None):
# Some service responses include a number of embedded 0x02 bytes
if msg:
msg = msg.replace('\x02', '')
if self.changes:
if self.noop:
for change in self.changes:
@ -204,19 +178,41 @@ class SetAccess(irc.client.SimpleIRCClient):
self.current_channel = self.channels.pop()
# Clear the mode string before we request it, so if we get
# no response we won't have the modes from an earlier channel
self.current_mode = ''
# Sending a set mlock with no value prompts the service to
# respond with the current mlock value so we can compare
# against it later
self.connection.privmsg('chanserv', 'set #%s mlock' %
# Clear the access list before we request it, so if we get
# no response we won't have the list from an earlier channel
self.current_list = []
self.connection.privmsg('chanserv', 'access list #%s' %
self.connection.privmsg('chanserv', 'access #%s list' %
if msg.startswith('End of'):
# We tokenize every server message, and perform some rough
# heuristics in order to determine what kind of response we're
# dealing with and whether it's something we know how to parse
parts = msg.split()
# If the third word look like an access level, assume this is
# an access list entry and that the second word is a
# corresponding nick
if parts[2] in ('MASTER', 'CHANOP', 'MEMBER'):
self.current_list.append((parts[1], parts[2], msg))
# If the message starts with "MLOCK is SET to" then assume the
# fifth word is the channel's mode string
elif msg.startswith('MLOCK is SET to'):
self.current_mode = parts[4]
# If the message starts with "End of" then assume this marks
# the end of an access list
elif msg.startswith('End of'):
self.changes = self._get_access_changes()
self.current_channel = None
parts = msg.split()
if parts[2].startswith('+'):
self.current_list.append((parts[1], parts[2], msg))
def main():