ask.o.o: Fix two issues with ro message

1) The string is interpolated into JavaScript string which is
   delimited using double quotation marks - using double quotation
   marks in it breaks JavaScript parsing. The impact is unknown
   but at least some JavaScript code does not get executed later.

2) The anchor was unproperly closed causing void anchor to appear.
   This is clearly visible on the rendered page.

Change-Id: I90cdcdd81c6af67f940c1811b1b9c05f9309ba15
Radosław Piliszek 2 years ago
parent 30c05ebeb1
commit 34ee1a56d9

@ -369,9 +369,9 @@ LIVESETTINGS_OPTIONS = {
'The website will be read-only from '
'now on. Please ask questions on the <a href="">openstack-discuss</a> '
'mailing-list, <a href=""></a> for coding or '
'<a href=""><a> for operations.'
'now on. Please ask questions on the <a href=\'\'>openstack-discuss</a> '
'mailing-list, <a href=\'\'></a> for coding or '
'<a href=\'\'></a> for operations.'
<% if @custom_theme_enabled %>