infra-prod: fix name of clone source job

This was introduced with I19db98fcec5715c33b62c9c9ba5234fd55700fd8

opendev-infra-prod-setup-src is the abstract parent job, we should be
using infra-prod-setup-src.

Change-Id: I7fdefe7ce60ab248f9a90b6be363eefc826f8e1f
Ian Wienand 1 year ago
parent c663d9b4ea
commit 42df57b545

@ -355,13 +355,13 @@
# This job replicates the system-config from this buildset
# onto bridge
- opendev-infra-prod-setup-src
- infra-prod-setup-src
# This installs the ansible on bridge that all the infra-prod
# jobs will run with. Note the jobs use this ansible to then
# run against zuul's checkout of system-config.
- infra-prod-install-ansible:
dependencies: opendev-infra-prod-setup-src
dependencies: infra-prod-setup-src
# From now on, all jobs should depend on base
- infra-prod-base: &infra-prod-base