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@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ Basic Channel Operator Commands
This is not a comprehensive overview of commands available to individuals
running IRC channels on Freenode, but a basic overview of some of the common
running IRC channels on OFTC, but a basic overview of some of the common
commands which may be required for channel operators.
Operator status is sometimes required to perform certain commands in your
@ -294,17 +294,13 @@ status in a channel, use the following command::
You don't need to become an operator to change the topic, this can be done
via Chanserv::
/msg chanserv topic #channel New topic goes here.
/msg chanserv set #channel topic New topic goes here.
If you are curious as to who has access to a channel, you can issue this
/msg chanserv access #channel list
Visit the `Freenode Channel Guidelines <>`_
for more information about recommended strategies for running channels on
Banning Disruptive Users