Disable puppet runs on eavesdrop

As noted inline, we want to merge Python 3 fixes to meetbot master and
don't want the production server to try installing it any more.
eavesdrop01.opendev.org will be the replacement.

Changes to install Limnoria/meetbot and perform meeting and channel
logging on eavesdrop01.opendev.org follow.  This will leave ptgbot as
the last service running in-situ on eavesdrop01.  This should be moved
to the opendev server when it is updated to move to OFTC.

Change-Id: I663fccff0a2be40e59b453738ce0404b7a21d9e5
Ian Wienand 2 years ago
parent 2678dd6240
commit 7e80f08a62

@ -13,5 +13,11 @@
- install-docker
- accessbot
- gerritbot
- name: puppet-run
manifest: /opt/system-config/production/manifests/eavesdrop.pp
# NOTE(ianw) 2021-06-02
# We have disabled puppet because we are updating
# meetbot to python3, and we don't want to trigger
# pip trying to re-install it on the production server
# in case it tries to use python3 (even if we install from
# a tag, we're not sure puppet won't start using pip3 to install).
# - name: puppet-run
# manifest: /opt/system-config/production/manifests/eavesdrop.pp